F.A.Q's About Mysterious Chills and Thrills for Kids Galley Copies

Written by LH Publications and Productions

On Laura Hickey's latest book release: Mysterious Chills and Thrills

1. What's a galley copy?

A galley copy is a preview ofrepparttar book...it is not for re-sale and has grammar and other errors inrepparttar 139370 book. Galley copies should not be re-sold because they aren'trepparttar 139371 real deal.

2. Why might I see/find a galley copy?

It's part of Laura's presentation on her book. Galley copies are given out at presentations for kids to show them howrepparttar 139372 book is going to turn out and also shows kidsrepparttar 139373 changes made torepparttar 139374 galley book forrepparttar 139375 finished product. They are no way, shape or form intended for re-sell...only show.

Galley copies are also sent to book reviewers with a note stating thatrepparttar 139376 copy they have is a galley and thatrepparttar 139377 finish product does not containrepparttar 139378 same mistakes asrepparttar 139379 copy they have. Sometimes a reviewer may forget that this isrepparttar 139380 case and a review may contain information thatrepparttar 139381 book needs editing. Rest assurerepparttar 139382 finish product is edited correctly.

10 Simple Things to Think about Before Starting an E-zine

Written by Laura Hickey -http://www.laurahickey.com

What to think about before creating an e-zine.

Decide on what you want your e-zine to be about- For example: If your e-zine is about teens, do you want it for eating disorders, homework help, teen relationship help?

Cost- Will you have a cost to subscribe to your e-zine?

Advertising- Where will you advertise your e-zine to attain subscribers? You e-mail signature? On message boards? E-zine directories?

Mailing list- Who will you sign up with for your mailing list management? Free or paid service?

Ads- Do you accept ads? Paid or free? Swap with other e-zines?

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