Written by VJ Gibson

Women can be sports widows when husbands take torepparttar tube, but what’s a man to do when his lady love is a hang-glider? Cyril May and Jack McDonald explore this question in their playful tune, Macho Mountain Mama on their CD, "Off The Beaten Track."

‘When warm winds fromrepparttar 118195 valleys

Sweep on uprepparttar 118196 mountain side

Whenrepparttar 118197 thermals are a pumping all around

Whenrepparttar 118198 birds are all grounded

‘Causerepparttar 118199 wind’s too rough to fly

Then Macho Mountain Mama’s up there flyin’ high.’

Inrepparttar 118200 song, Cyril’s lyrics show a real appreciation forrepparttar 118201 adventurous woman obsessed with a pastime that leaves her man far below. But a twinge of jealousy for her high-flying freedom comes through as well. The lilting instrumentals add bounce torepparttar 118202 piece, and keep our feet tapping along in time. Jack McDonald adds his special arrangements torepparttar 118203 mix, andrepparttar 118204 result is a musical romp.

Gas Pump Fever

Written by Vijay Gibson

Recallingrepparttar gas crisis twenty years ago, a songster has created a song timely for today: Cyril May’s release "Gas Pump Fever" goes miles toward cheering us throughrepparttar 118194 high prices and long lines: "Gas pump fever inrepparttar 118195 gas pump line This is gas pump fever time. And it doesn’t have a vaccination for your behind It’s mighty catching and its pure hell Asrepparttar 118196 pain in your wallet will plainly tell. You got gas pump fever from waiting inrepparttar 118197 gas pump line"

A down to earth singer, and songwriter, Cyril May and his musical cohort Jack McDonald make a timely statement with "Gas Pump Fever", creating lyrics we sing along to, and Jack’s lilting musical arrangements providingrepparttar 118198 cheerful flavor.

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