Written by Darren Robinson

I have processed about five thousand job applicants inrepparttar last two years (that's about 7 per day) and I gotta tell you this - most of them stink !

Not literally of course - but when it comes to methods of stupidly & unnecessarily blowing a "no-brainer" interview process to get selected for a "no-brainer" job, then my cleaning agency has just about seen them all !

DO YOU QUALIFY ? I really didn't think we were asking too much. Applicants needed to be able to do housework. They needed a car & a license to drive it. They needed to read, write & speak English. Okay, they also needed a resume, but it didn't have to be full of spectacular cleaning-related careers - any kind of checkable work history was fine.

Likewise,repparttar 125598 application procedure was also (we believed) not too demanding. The applicant telephones us. We have a chat to them aboutrepparttar 125599 job requirements and ask them if they fitrepparttar 125600 above qualifications. We ask them to make copies of their resume & references and then we schedule them for an interview in about 3 - 6 days. We interview them for about 40 minutes (though about 30 minutes of that is us doingrepparttar 125601 talking - a fierce interrogation it ain't). Within a day or two we start giving them cleaning jobs. Fairly simple, we thought.

Unfortunately for my agency's collective sanity, most ofrepparttar 125602 job applicant population saw it differently.

To start withrepparttar 125603 most basic of errors we encountered, quite a number of people makingrepparttar 125604 initial phone call didn't have a driver's licence, despite our job advertisements clearly stating this requirement. Or if they did have a licence, they didn't have a car. Or if they did have a car, it wasn't actually theirs and they have to share it with several other people. Or if they did actually ownrepparttar 125605 car, it was broken down & was undergoing lengthy and extensive repairs.

Still, this major obstacle was attacked with determination by almost all car-less applicants. It usually went something alongrepparttar 125606 lines of "But my husband can drive me" or "I can take public transport" or "I can ride my bicycle". What a revelation ! Now why didn't WE think of that ? These applicants are sitting there thinking "This employer has only paid out good money to insert 'CAR & LICENSE ESSENTIAL' in huge letters inrepparttar 125607 job advertisement because I was not around atrepparttar 125608 time to point out other possibilities"

Hint for jobseekers (1) - If a job advertisement specifies a requirement, and you do not have that requirement, DON'T bother applying for that job, EVEN IF you think you have an alternative thatrepparttar 125609 employer hasn't thought of yet. It's a bit like a prospective surgeon saying that he's hopeless with a scalpel, but is VERY handy with a butter-knife. **** DON'T INTERRUPT Still atrepparttar 125610 initial phone-call stage, another fundamental error is not allowingrepparttar 125611 employer to do his spiel. You are notrepparttar 125612 only person ringing up aboutrepparttar 125613 position. You are more likely to berepparttar 125614 75th person, so please assume thatrepparttar 125615 employer has his routine all worked out. He does NOT need prompting to fill you in on allrepparttar 125616 details - he knows what you need to know and he will tell you in his own good time.

The correct time to ask questions is when he finishes explaining whatrepparttar 125617 job is about & whatrepparttar 125618 application procedure is and when he finishes asking YOU questions.

Hint for jobseekers (2) - Letrepparttar 125619 employer talk. Do not interrupt. Taking over a conversation and putting your potential boss onrepparttar 125620 back foot is not going make a good impression. **** DON'T GET LOST Okay, so about 25% of people make it throughrepparttar 125621 gruelling 2 minute phone interview and are then scheduled for a "real" interview.

To deal withrepparttar 125622 simplest situation first, approximately 50% to 80% of these applicants do not show up atrepparttar 125623 appointed time and are never heard from again. While it's annoying, and as employer I never really get used torepparttar 125624 fact that people go to a lot of trouble to apply for jobs they don't actually want, at least that person is out ofrepparttar 125625 way and we can concentrate instead onrepparttar 125626 serious people.

But it's not that simple. There are a number of variations onrepparttar 125627 "not showing up" trick that conspire to further annoy & wasterepparttar 125628 valuable time ofrepparttar 125629 prospective employer.

For example, those people who have had 5 days notice ofrepparttar 125630 interview, but neglect to look uprepparttar 125631 actual location ofrepparttar 125632 interview until they are hopelessly lost in a neighboring suburb with only 2 minutes to go. They ring up from a phone box asking for directions. They invariably arrive atrepparttar 125633 interview flustered & late.

Hint for jobseekers (3) - Make sure you know exactly whererepparttar 125634 interview is being held. If you don't know, do a practise runrepparttar 125635 day before. **** DON'T BE LATE Even worse thanrepparttar 125636 people who get lost (who at least deserve a tiny amount of sympathy) are those who turn up 20 - 40 minutes late for no apparent good reason. "Oh hi, I'm here forrepparttar 125637 interview" "Which interview,repparttar 125638 3 o'clock orrepparttar 125639 4 o'clock ?" "The 3 o'clock. I'm a bit late"

This type of applicant doesn't see a problem with being late, probably because it's not a problem for THEM. However an applicant needs to understand that businesses are constantly running to deadlines, and punctuality is vital. If we sit around waiting for a late applicant and start an interview later than planned, it meansrepparttar 125640 NEXT interview is going to be delayed and, more importantly, whatever I had planned for AFTERrepparttar 125641 interviews is going to be delayed, and possibly even postponed untilrepparttar 125642 next day.

Hint for jobseekers (4). Time is money. Don't be late for an interview. No matter how dazzling you may be inrepparttar 125643 interview,repparttar 125644 main thingrepparttar 125645 employer will rememberrepparttar 125646 next day is that you were late, and therefore probably unreliable. **** ONLY APPLY ONCE Then there are what we termrepparttar 125647 "serial-applicants". These people are constantly applying for jobs over an extended period of time, torepparttar 125648 extent that they actually apply to us more than once, perhaps several months apart.

Here atrepparttar 125649 agency, we sometimes collectively shake our heads atrepparttar 125650 nerve of these people who fail to show up for a scheduled interview, and then a couple of months later apply again, expecting us to welcome them with open arms.

Hint for jobseekers (5) - If you apply for a job and don't get it, don't apply for exactlyrepparttar 125651 same job later on. They don't want you. **** DON'T BRING THE FAMILY So let's suppose an applicant makes it throughrepparttar 125652 complicated business of turning up on time.

Are We To Crumble In The Presence Of Terrorism?

Written by Robert Taylor

A number of people have decided to forego business as usual because ofrepparttar recent terrorist attacks onrepparttar 125597 USA which have caused untold loss of life and property and enormous grief.

This has been another "shot heard aroundrepparttar 125598 world." The aftermath affects us all and will be far-reaching.

We must not letrepparttar 125599 dastardly acts of a few terrorists stop us in our tracks. That is precisely what they wished to happen. They wanted their acts of terrorism to paralyze us to proverepparttar 125600 power of their actions.

We cannot close our eyes and pretend it didn't happen. It struck torepparttar 125601 very core of our souls and hearts. The news coverage of these events has been in-depth and all- encompassing. There are few people onrepparttar 125602 face of this earth who cannot know ofrepparttar 125603 attack andrepparttar 125604 collapse ofrepparttar 125605 two towers.

The loss of innocent lives is so great it cannot be estimated at this point.

Where there are natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes we provide allrepparttar 125606 assistance possible and do our best to return things to normal as quickly as we can. We do not allow our business activities to come to a halt.

This is not because we are uncaring, indifferent or greedy. Continuing business as usual provides needed services and goods andrepparttar 125607 work involved gives us a viable outlet for our grief and sorrow. The more one sits and thinks aboutrepparttar 125608 recent terrorist attack and its aftermath,repparttar 125609 greater its impact on our thoughts and our economy.

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