FRIDGE Magnet Marketing... "stickiness strategies."

Written by Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst

FRIDGE Magnet Marketing... "stickiness strategies."

"As much as things change they stayrepparttar same."

As an OFFline marketer it's interesting to observe a trend emerging onrepparttar 125126 web.

What's this trend?

Well, what's now happening is that highly successful promotional techniques, - which have been part and parcel of everyday, (offline) small business marketing campaigns - now have their web-equivalents.


* Company A is inrepparttar 125127 marketplace competing with a lot of other Company A's.

Businesses have to find ways to keep their products and/ or services withinrepparttar 125128 orbit of their potential customers ever- diminishing attention span.

* Advertising is expensive. Advertising Messages have to be continually repeated to maintain a presence inrepparttar 125129 marketplace. The Advertiser withrepparttar 125130 biggest budget can pay forrepparttar 125131 biggest presence (Note: this doesn't always translate into sales though.)

* Give-aways, freebies, contests, valuable guarantees, trial use, buy one - get one free, referral systems and loss leaders are used to attract customer attention.


ONLINE: Noticerepparttar 125132 web similarities with these existing bricks and mortar promotional techniques here? Many of these offline promotional techniques are now becoming common fare onrepparttar 125133 web.

ENTER The Fridge Magnet concept... "stickiness systems."

An excellent example of this trend in action isrepparttar 125134 old fridge (refrigerator) magnet technique. Offline, it's a simple, cheap and EXTREMELY effective technique. ONLine it will achieverepparttar 125135 same results.

Why? Two phrases "Repetition & human laziness."

Here's howrepparttar 125136 fridge magnet system works, OFFline.

1. Company A makes contact with a potential customer through a variety of different promotional techniques. Smart companies know that a person is unlikely to buy from themrepparttar 125137 first time. Repetition isrepparttar 125138 key.

2. As one of their strategies Company A givesrepparttar 125139 potential customer their FRIDGE magnet, which has all of their contact details on it. The potential customer puts this magnet up onrepparttar 125140 door of their fridge to (usually) hold a variety of flyers and notes.

"How To Create New Products or Services...Let Me Count The Ways"

Written by Christopher Wright

"How To Find New Ideas For Products or Services...Let Me Count The Ways"

By Christopher Wright, Guerrilla Marketer

Ok, here'srepparttar game plan. Joe, you roll right and blockrepparttar 125125 defensive end...oh wait a minute...WRONG GAME PLAN!! Just as inrepparttar 125126 Super Bowl you need a game plan, so it is so with Internet marketing. One question I often hear is, "What product or service should I promote?" Sometimes they may not want to necessarily start a new product/service, they may only want to enhancerepparttar 125127 one they have or are involved with.

Your challenge is twofold. First, you must find out what's hot, then you'll have to find a way to make a product/service (or enhance your present one) from this acquired information. As is oftenrepparttar 125128 case, we can't seerepparttar 125129 forest forrepparttar 125130 trees.

"Finding Gold Where Everyone Has Already Been"

Here are a list of places that we visit almost daily, but now I want you to look with different eyes.

Download Sites:,, is probablyrepparttar 125131 most visited download site there is around. On their front page is a list ofrepparttar 125132 most downloaded software/info (by day-week etc.). They also have categories you can go into to get a peek at what's hot for that particular subject. This also applies to other download sites like and TuCows

Books:,, and Lets focus on Amazon, since they'rerepparttar 125133 largest and most known ofrepparttar 125134 three. Amazon provides a 'top seller' list on their site forrepparttar 125135 most purchased books from their site. These may or may not berepparttar 125136 same as what's onrepparttar 125137 New York Times best seller list. What is to be noted is that these arerepparttar 125138 most popular books purchased ONLINE (hint-hint).

Music: and Did I just mention Amazon inrepparttar 125139 section about books? Well...they're also mentioned inrepparttar 125140 section about music. They may have began their career as booksellers, but they've drastically diversed their inventory. Again they have a top sellers list of music sales.

Award Sites: Visiting some ofrepparttar 125141 most popular award sites also gives you a sense of what hot and popular. Some ofrepparttar 125142 most 'respected' sites are,, and

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