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8 fundamental mistakes for ezine failure you must avoid.

Written by Chris Varsamis

8 fundamental mistakes for ezine failure you must avoid.

It is true that sometimes in life there is a small line between failure and success. The same thing applies with ezines and newsletters. Some details we consider unimportant arerepparttar keys forrepparttar 102422 success of our publication or failure.

1) Careful withrepparttar 102423 from field.

Although many consider this as a detail it isrepparttar 102424 first thing a user will see. From who isrepparttar 102425 email. Use either your name or your business name. Avoid any kind of other phrases in that field .It will cost you a lot.

2) Subject line.

This isrepparttar 102426 second more important field inrepparttar 102427 email. Avoid hype in that area like “Earn 50.000$ in 2 weeks” e.t.c. People are smarter than you think. You will never be believable. Emphasize torepparttar 102428 purpose of your newsletter .Do not use more than 7 words in your subject line.

3) Call to buy inrepparttar 102429 first mailing.

That is a common mistake most ezine publishers do .They have sales pitch onrepparttar 102430 first time. Research has proved that you will gain your subscriber trust after 6 to 7 mailings according always torepparttar 102431 content you offer.

4) Use death words which spam filters ban.

For God’s sake, Do Not use words or phrases like free, make money, hello, your family, and other. Your newsletter will go directly to junk mail and will be erased without notice.

5) Avoid too much personalization.

Although personalization is important in order to create a friendly ambience do not overdo it. Some people will consider this as rudeness. Use their name only once in your mailings onrepparttar 102432 first line of your message, not more. Otherwise some of your subscribers will be insulted and unsubscribe in a second.

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