FREE Virtual Vending Machine

Written by Eyal Zilberstein

****************************** Your special report “How to Create a Truly Automated Virtual Vending Machine Business that Collects $10 Bills for You!” ******************************

Imagine getting up inrepparttar morning and checking your email, only to find it full of money!

Sound too good to be true?! I would have thought so too, but I'm here to tell you that it is absolutely possible!

My name is James Pearson and I'mrepparttar 117037 owner of several virtual vending machines that bring me $10, $20, $50 or more each, almost automatically!

Now, I'm not going to waste your time telling you about some get-rich-quick scheme or MLM or anything like that. I've tried dozens of things like that and they all left me poorer!

However, last year I practically “stumbled” on a way to generate an income onrepparttar 117038 Internet with so little work that it practically runs on autopilot! I'm talking about what I call virtual vending machines.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Virtual Vending Machines Collect $10 Bills for Me While I Sleep! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know it may sound a little “cliche”, but my Internet business really does make me money while I'm sleeping, spending time with my family, or even out doing something I love!

Now, I'll admit that there is some work involved. You'll have to spend some time setting things up (but I show you how to do that), and time promoting your new product, but that's about it!

I average about 30 minutes a day and make up to $150 an hour!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's Exactly How My Virtual Vending Machines Make Me Money Automatically ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have several “digital” products that I sell from 3 page web sites.

People visiting my sites make a purchase automatically using a credit card.

After their credit card is approved they are immediately taken to a special web page where they can instantly download their product.

Meanwhile I receive an e-mail letting me know that money has been deposited into my account!

It's that simple!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to Have Your Own Income Producing Virtual Vending Machine Up and Running In as Little as an Hour! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You don't have to write a word or be an author or anything like that to get started! As a matter of fact, you don't have to be a web site designer to get started.

How Do You Treat Your Affiliates?

Written by Denise Hall

If you've been working online for any length of time you know that one ofrepparttar best and fastest ways to make money with your products is to offer an affiliate program.

So let me ask you this - how do *you* treat your affiliates?

You might be asking yourself what I mean. After all, you offer them a great commission on their sales, and you've got a terrific product line for them to offer their customers, right?

But how do you *treat* them?

Do you answer their e-mails when they have questions or problems? If not, you could be losing some potentially good affiliates. Would *you* try to help someone make money if they won't even bother to give yourepparttar 117036 time of day?

Are they just a number to you?

Do you look at your sales and say to yourself, "Affiliate #2872 brought in over $1,000 for me yesterday. Cha-ching! But affiliate #8679 has never made one sale. Too bad, so sad."

Did it ever occur to you that without these people you wouldn't be making as much money as you do? You, alone, can't reachrepparttar 117037 entire world with your products. Isn't that why you started your affiliate program inrepparttar 117038 first place?

Evenrepparttar 117039 woman who only sells one product a year brings in money for *you.* And chances are, you have several affiliates like that. So you're making alot more sales even though each of them may only make one or two.

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