"FREE Exposure With A Press Release!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

The whole process of releasing information torepparttar media can be very tedious. There are many online services that will dorepparttar 125072 job for you for fees ranging upwards of $500.

However, even if you never heard of a Press Release before, a little online research will yieldrepparttar 125073 SECRETS to establish your very own release inrepparttar 125074 format expected byrepparttar 125075 media pros that already receive hundreds of submissions daily.

And, just one successful "Press Release" can bring you HUGE FREE Exposure!

The first import thing to know isrepparttar 125076 FORMAT.

Nothing will get your Press Release deleted faster than sending it out inrepparttar 125077 wrong style with too little or even too much information. Send for your free copy below.

FREE Sample of a proper Press Release via Auto-Responder at: mailto:pr_sample@emailexchange.org

If you knowrepparttar 125078 basic format for a Press Release, then you have already "Wonrepparttar 125079 Battle" to at least get your info read by someone that can expose it to a huge audience and all forrepparttar 125080 incredible low price of FREE!

That isrepparttar 125081 whole SECRET of a Press Release.

You give vital info torepparttar 125082 media and they spreadrepparttar 125083 word as a service to all of their viewers, readers and subscribers.

If all you have to offer is some chain letter or one of those, "Give me $10.00 to earn $1,000,000!" do NOT waste your time orrepparttar 125084 valuable time ofrepparttar 125085 media rep to which you eventually email your release info.

I found allrepparttar 125086 info I needed to create my very first Press Release by doing a great deal of research online.

Promote Your Speaking and Coaching with Free Articles

Written by Judy Cullins

How much time do you spend promoting your business? Two hours out of six? One hour out of six? Maybe not even that much.

No need to feel guilty. Today, through a simple, yet elegant way to promote, you can spend only 3-4 hours a week to get your word out. And you'll reach thousands, rather than just a few.

Guru Peter Drucker said that only marketing and promoting produce results in business. The rest are costs. I agree. Do you want better results too?

Some Promotions Work Better than Others

While press releases, book reviews, post cards, business cards, networking, appearances on radio and TV, and selling products fromrepparttar back ofrepparttar 125071 room brought me some success, it was slow and small. Like you perhaps, I was unsatisfied withrepparttar 125072 number of clients. And, it was getting to be too much work to sell my books.

There must be a better way I thought. I reached out first, to research how I could promote Online. During that time, I wrote three eBooks, which I also sell in print. They are quality, with full content and resources, so they took about 4 months to write. I learned that print books can actually be sold through eBooks and other Online promotions. I also got a new client straight from my emails, and another one from my Web site.

What I learned: Free information isrepparttar 125073 key.

To set up my virtual marketing machine I gathered e and URL addresses of ePublishers and Web sites who wanted free information. I started writing new articles, dusting off old ones. After subscribing to these ezines, I was allowed to submit. It took about 4-7 days.

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