Written by Joan Bramsch


FREE CD FROM MTV The Department of Justice and MTV have produced a free CD on violence and conflict resolution. There is music and comments by many popular artists, as well as an interactive CD on conflict resolution. will gladly send you a free copy.

VALENTINE CONTEST, First Prize - $250 - WOW!

Written by Joan Bramsch

VALENTINE CONTEST First Prize: $250.00 Second Prize $100.00

Terrific Third Prizes: Free ebooks, etc.*

How to play: Contest runs from January 14 through February 14.

Visit each ofrepparttar author's links below and find their game piece, which containsrepparttar 113270 name of a pair of lovers--either fictional, classic or real. Type inrepparttar 113271 names ofrepparttar 113272 couple inrepparttar 113273 form below. Please fill outrepparttar 113274 form entirely.

Suggestion: jot downrepparttar 113275 names as you visit each site on notepaper to make completingrepparttar 113276 entry form easier.

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