Written by Richard Igoe

Anyone who gets involved in marketing products onrepparttar internet will know that follow-up is VERY VERY important. Most sales occur afterrepparttar 109656 3rd, 4th, or 5th follow up, and doing this manually can become very time consuming.

If your site suddenly gets a high ranking inrepparttar 109657 search engines or you put out an advert, you will have to be prepared to deal withrepparttar 109658 traffic and to reply to your enquiries.

Now you will need to follow up 3 or 4 or even more times in most cases before a prospect becomes a customer. It makes sense to use different emails in each follow up, and each time describe some extra advantages of your product that you have left out in previous emails. This can become very confusing if you have new enquiries each day. You will have to send each of your follow-up emails to a different group. You will have to keep track of which follow-ups were sent to which groups.

There is software available that allows you to personalize your messages by merging your emails with your recipients names. You have to addrepparttar 109659 names and addresses to your groups, but after this, it can send out your message to everyone in a particular group, and filter out certain addresses if you want. This can be useful if you want to avoid sending a message to those who may have already received it in a previous mailing.

However even with such software there is still quite a lot of work to be done. Email addresses have to be collected and added to your mailing groups, and you have to keep logs of who has received a particular message. You also have to make your own record of which messages have been sent and to who so as not to sendrepparttar 109660 same message torepparttar 109661 same group twice. If your follow-ups have to be done at specified intervals after your initial enquiry, you have to make sure you remember to run your mail program on those days.

The answer is to use autoresponders to do your follow-ups, and leave a minimum of work for you to do once a prospect has become a serious lead or even a customer. An autoresponder allows you to set up your follow-ups to go out at various intervals afterrepparttar 109662 initial enquiry. You can set different messages up onrepparttar 109663 autoresponder and specify when each message should be sent after receivingrepparttar 109664 enquiry. To see how they work send a blank email to and you will receive a series of emails with my 5-day website success course.


Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Tip # 1: Target Site Owners & E-zine Publishers

Create your free e-mail workshop that promotes your business, products, services, or affiliate links and then offer it to site owners and e-zine publishers that complement your e-mail workshop's topic.

Explain to them how your e-mail workshop can add to their site's or e-zine's perceived value. If repparttar products you're promoting in your e-mail workshop allow you to offer an affiliate program (e.g. products or services you are selling through Clickbank), then tell site owners and e-zine publishers that they can customizerepparttar 109655 product links in your e-mail workshop to reflect their affiliate ID.

Tip # 2: Breathe Life into Old Articles

Turn old articles into a free e-mail workshop. Gather them and find a common theme. Four to six articles can make up one e-mail workshop. Insert your promotional text in each module and sign up for an autoresponder account. Sign up for one that will allow you to set repparttar 109656 delivery intervals of your e-mail workshop modules. Here are some places where you can get free sequential autoresponder accounts:

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Tip # 3: Pitch Your Goodies to Solid, Targeted Leads

You need leads -- names and e-mail addresses -- and what better way to get those valuable leads than fromrepparttar 109657 e-mail workshop you've set on autopilot? With your e-mail workshop on autoresponse, you'll be able to keep track of people who requested your e-mail workshop.

Keep their e-mail addresses because you can e-mail them your sales pitch later. Each time you e-mail them, remind them why they're getting it from you. Mentionrepparttar 109658 free e-mail workshop they took only a couple of weeks ago, but also give them an option to opt-out of your update list. Give them a reason to stick around, though -- another free e-mail workshop inrepparttar 109659 works, a free e-book, an exclusive report just for them.

Tip # 4: Strike Up a Deal with Content Writers

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