Written by Peter Sinclair

A scientist marveled at how a seemingly harmless magnifying glass could create such intense heat, whenrepparttar suns rays passed through its glassy surface. He askedrepparttar 123928 magnifying glass, 'How can you do what you do? You have this incredible ability of tapping intorepparttar 123929 rays ofrepparttar 123930 sun. You then take those vast rays and bring them to a powerful point that burns holes in leaves and sheets of paper.' The magnifying glass replied torepparttar 123931 scientist by saying, 'Well sir, I have learnt this one thing throughoutrepparttar 123932 years. The hotter it gets,repparttar 123933 more focused I become.' That is what givesrepparttar 123934 winner in life their greatest advantage. THE HOTTER IT GETS...... THE MORE FOCUSED THE WINNER BECOMES Winners have become tough because they have been through tough times. Winners become strong because they have replaced their weaknesses with newfound strengths. Winners appreciate what it takes to win,

The Mirror Man

Written by Peter Murphy

Lady Twilight felt angry. It was one of those days when she was doing her best to be nice to everyone but nobody was being nice to her.

What if people could be friendlier she thought to herself as she wandered throughrepparttar open air market. It was a warm, sunny day so there was no use blamingrepparttar 123927 weather. In that case it must mean that people just do not like me, she decided.

The chatter of voices was all around while she sat at a table byrepparttar 123928 side ofrepparttar 123929 shopping crowd. She sipped a glass of green juice and felt very alone despite allrepparttar 123930 shoppers rushing aboutrepparttar 123931 street. Just then she spotted a young man andrepparttar 123932 newspaper headline on his paper... Lead And They Will Follow.

Twilight finished her drink and wandered alongrepparttar 123933 street, feeling heavy, tired and still a little angry with this world full of unfriendly people. She turned torepparttar 123934 left and walked right pastrepparttar 123935 mirror man, he was there every week selling mirrors of all shapes and sizes. He was singing away to himself until he spotted Twilight, thenrepparttar 123936 sparkle left his eyes and his face froze into a stern harsh expression.

She glared at him and out ofrepparttar 123937 corner of her eye she caught her reflection in a mirror. She looked so angry and so bad tempered that she even surprised herself. So shocked was she by her look of rage that she burst out laughing.

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