Written by Darren Hendricks


Every retail store is a potential user of specialty merchandise or gift items. That's a pretty broad statement, but it's true. And where some Wholesalers might make a mistake is to approach onlyrepparttar obvious choices; gift shops, novelty and collectible outlets, general merchandise dealers andrepparttar 140734 like. But what about a locksmith? Or a bookstore? How about stationary stores? More and more of them are featuring gift displays. So,repparttar 140735 local phone directory is a ready-made list of potential clients. Add to thatrepparttar 140736 retail stores you regularly patronize, and you're ready to go. While nearly every retail store is a potential client, those stores will generally fall into three basic categories: Mom and Pop, Small Chain, and Franchise or Major Chain.

SELLING TO "MOM AND POP" STORES The local stationery shop, liquor store, truck stop, convenience market, gift shop, and all those -her privately owned retail stores that linerepparttar 140737 streets and strip malls of virtually every city and town are prime prospects for your merchandise. Here's why they should buy from you:

1.You offer fast, personal service.
2.Your prices are outstanding.
3.Your product quality is excellent.
4.You offer a tremendous selection.
5.Your product line is constantly updated with new items.
6.You're local.
7.You're dependable, professional, and easy to work with.

Of course, that last reason is up to you, and it's CRITICAL! You've probably heardrepparttar 140738 saying: "People do business with people they like." It's true! These types of stores are usually family-owned and operated, so in all likelihoodrepparttar 140739 folks working inrepparttar 140740 store arerepparttar 140741 ones you'll want to talk to. Start ... with a letter, phone call, or best of all a personal visit. Introduce yourself as a local wholesaler of popular gift merchandise, and ask to speak torepparttar 140742 person who handles purchasing. Make an appointment to show your line. Don't worry if you get turned downrepparttar 140743 first time. Call again. And a third time. Don't stop until you get that appointment! Next ... show up forrepparttar 140744 appointment on time, with samples, business cards, catalogs, price lists, and your order book on hand. Conduct a friendly, brief, yet thorough presentation. Explain how these products can increase THEIR sales - remember; they're interested in what you can do for them, notrepparttar 140745 other way around.

SELLING TO SMALL CHAIN STORES Occasionally you'll run across small chains, where there may be several,even a couple dozen stores operating underrepparttar 140746 same name. Often a single owner, who oversees much ofrepparttar 140747 purchasing for allrepparttar 140748 stores, runs these. Again, you offer allrepparttar 140749 same reasons this person should buy from you, and you'll followrepparttar 140750 same steps in making contact, handling a sales appointment, and fillingrepparttar 140751 order.

Payment: Try forrepparttar 140752 identical terms you'd propose to a "Mom and Pop" store. Again, if possible, don't fill an order without at least a deposit large enough to cover your costs. Otherwise, you'll have to coverrepparttar 140753 difference until they pay yourepparttar 140754 balance.


1.Easy to meetrepparttar 140755 person in charge of buying.
2.Can be a friendly, less formal relationship.
3.Smaller orders.
4.Often immediate payment

Money in the Mail

Written by Darren Hendricks

Ever dreamed about going to your mailbox and pulling out a fistful of checks? That'srepparttar magic of mail order, and to be sure, it's a powerful allure.

Mail order, simply defined, is a way to generate merchandise sales in two ways:

1.By mailing catalogs or other sales tools 2.By advertising your products, and fulfilling orders via mail.

Mail order is exciting and fun, but it's also a highly competitive, potentially expensive marketing method, and if you don't knowrepparttar 140733 rules ofrepparttar 140734 game it can cost you plenty in terms of time, effort, and money. Mail order is definitely NOT something you want to learn by trial and error. Fortunately, FAR HORIZONS has refined its Mail Order program overrepparttar 140735 course of several decades to increase your odds of success as much as possible. The catalogs and self-mailers are professionally designed not only to spark orders, but also to enable cost-efficient mailing. Our designers work directly with local postmasters to ensure our designs qualify for cost-saving mailing methods, and our paper style and weight ensures as inexpensive a mailing as possible without compromising picture quality.

Some Things to Keep in Mind About Mail Order:

1.It's one ofrepparttar 140736 most expensive and risky marketing methods to start.
2.It's a numbers game;repparttar 140737 more catalogs you send,repparttar 140738 more chances for orders.
3.The industry response rate to "prospect lists," (as opposed to your own custom list), is less than 1 %. Your customer list response rate will probably be higher.
4.The best mailing list is your own.

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