FHM: Who's cheating who?

Written by Holmes

With it recently coming torepparttar attention ofrepparttar 125531 staff at FHM that some of its readers were trying to fiddle a poll to findrepparttar 125532 world’s 100 sexiest women, there comes a time when you really have to question howrepparttar 125533 likes of FHM are still going.

At their peak, lad’s mags were refreshing; they cut through magazine culture. There was a surge of irreverence and hedonism. Of these magazines, Loaded arguably enjoyed centre stage.

Loaded wasrepparttar 125534 brainchild of James Brown, who wisely jumped ship asrepparttar 125535 nineties progressed and lad’s mags became as insipid as their competition – these magazines were becoming stale. Nothing short of bloated ego vehicles for what had by that time become a hackneyed journalistic movement.

Torn Between Two Lovers?

Written by Nevine Al Seidi

Torn Between Two Lovers?

Torn between two lovers/ Acting Like a Fool/ Loving both of you/ Is breaking allrepparttar rules.

When Mary Macgregor sang that inrepparttar 125530 70s, 2 million people boughtrepparttar 125531 single. Who do you think those were? I would say teenagers.. you say women? Probably men.. men over forty to be precise . To be torn between two lovers literally means both are attracting you in opposite directions. Loving both of them means you love both, but are in love with none. You like both and just cannot make up your mind as to which one is ‘better'. In her song, Mary says she has a place in her heart that only Mr. X can fill; yet,repparttar 125532 place she gave Mr. Z is his still.. This is getting confusing. Ok, let me inspect with yourepparttar 125533 psychological make up of a woman in love. All women know that a woman loves a man for his love for her. Of course, she could be attracted to someone who does not even know her name; but deep down, what makes her love a man is his (true) love for her. Now, suppose two people are in love with a woman, would not she feel torn between both of them as to whom she should end up with? It is getting reasonable now. So she loves two persons.. we all can love a dozen simultaneously; yet, we can only be in love with one person at a time. What Mary is really saying is I love both of you, cannot decide which one I want; so please let me keep both of you (until I make up my mind).

Because a woman loves on receiving signals fromrepparttar 125534 man involved that he loves her,repparttar 125535 situation is understood. But when it is a man who is torn between two lovers, he can only be ‘enjoying' two lovers, ‘fooling' with two lovers, ‘misleading' two lovers, ‘cheating' two lovers and ‘abusing'repparttar 125536 love of two lovers. Why? Because a man initiatesrepparttar 125537 bond of love ( I am not discussing dating or flirtation or seduction here). If a man goes out of his way to lead on Ms X today and again to lead on Ms. Z tomorrow, he is a PHILANDERER. This isrepparttar 125538 behaviour of a playboy, not a Romeo. You can have feelings for two people; but you can not be in love with two people and should never pretend to be. We all had vague glimpses of such experiences during our early teenage. Once, we grew up, we knew that such feelings are not love but admiration. When you admire two people,repparttar 125539 scales will have to tip on one side eventually; so even then, there is a choice to be made.

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