FFA - the facts.

Written by Michael Bloch

Inrepparttar battle to be noticed onrepparttar 125149 web and share withrepparttar 125150 world our dreams, ideals, advice and products -the strategies are many.

When you have a limited budget, it also greatly limitsrepparttar 125151 ways to gain exposure. Some ofrepparttar 125152 major search engines are now ranking according to link popularity or how many dollars you can pay them to be listed. It's getting harder forrepparttar 125153 "little guy" to get intorepparttar 125154 game without a second mortgage on grandma's gold teeth. The argument for and against paid submission I won't explore now.

Have you ever come across those sites that offer to submit your URL to 8,567,291.1 sites for FREE? Then no doubt you have probably heardrepparttar 125155 term FFA, as this is whererepparttar 125156 majority of your submissions will go.

So what is FFA?

FFA stands for Free For All site. They have been in existence since around 1995. These are pages withrepparttar 125157 sole purpose of listing links. Practically anyone can post their "ad" on these pages for free. The ad usually takesrepparttar 125158 form of a descriptive link and a one to two line description. These listings are usually limited to around 50 and constantly rotating. A once off submission will last, if you're lucky, around one week. These pages are hosted aroundrepparttar 125159 world.

While trying to keep up with information regarding whatrepparttar 125160 search engines are doing and investigating other options for promotion, I have been discouraged from using FFA sites to promote mine on a number of occasions. A couple of weeks ago, curiosity gotrepparttar 125161 better of me, I ignoredrepparttar 125162 advice and visited my friendly neighbourhood FFA blaster (a site dedicated to submitting to thousands of FFA pages).

After navigating through a series of pop-ups, I was presented with a form to fill in requesting my details, my site's url and description. With one click of my mouse button, I had supposedly submitted my url to around 8000 other sites. The whole process, fromrepparttar 125163 first click torepparttar 125164 FFA site, navigating torepparttar 125165 submission form, filling outrepparttar 125166 form and submitting it, torepparttar 125167 exiting click fromrepparttar 125168 site took around 10 minutes.

Did I get traffic?....some, but nothing to get excited about..... As I mentioned earlier,repparttar 125169 link lists are constantly turning over. On some ofrepparttar 125170 FFA pages, my link lasted approximately 15 minutes before it was pushed down then offrepparttar 125171 list by new submissions. On some pages that I have located,repparttar 125172 link has been visible for 6 days.

How many fellow surfers have you heard comment, "I spentrepparttar 125173 night cruising FFA sites"...my guess is not many.

Why You're Better Off Creating a Free E-mail Workshop than a Free E-book

Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Today, free e-books are a dime a dozen.

Too many people are creating free e-books that tell yourepparttar same thing. Worse, most of them are trying to sell you something or are just trying to make you click on their affiliate links so they can make money off you.

Most free e-books contain articles you've seen dozens of times on other web sites or on popular article announcement lists.

And unless an e-book has something very unique and valuable to offer, it will be no different fromrepparttar 125148 thousands of free e-books already available for download.

In a way,repparttar 125149 novelty of free e-books has worn off.

More than year ago, I was creating one free e-book after another. They were great giveaways and they did drive traffic to my sites.

But that was a time when free e-books were not yet heavily used as viral marketing tools.

Sure, there were already hundreds of free e-books in circulation back then. However, take a look atrepparttar 125150 many e-zines and web sites today. What'srepparttar 125151 most common thing they offer?

A free e-book.

Creating and offering free e-books is now too common.

Many will still continue to create free e-books, but most of these e-books won't have an edge anymore.

So, while everyone else is creating free e-books left and right, take a different approach.

Create a free e-mail workshop, and let it distinguish your business, e-zine or web site fromrepparttar 125152 rest.

What's an e-mail workshop? It's a type of e-learning method. Instead of encompassing a wide area of study or learning, it is focused on a specific skill, and is aimed for a specific group of people.

Considerrepparttar 125153 advantages of creating an e-mail workshop instead of an e-book to promote yourself, your business, your e-zine or your site:

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