Written by Jacques Waisvisz


Have you attended meetings where you wanted and were expected to contribute and simply did not dare to get up and be heard? Have you toyed withrepparttar idea of giving workshops to increase your business, but shied away because you were too scared to get up in front of an audience?

Why is it that so many us, who have worthwhile contributions to make, avoid getting up in front of a group of people, to put our thoughts into words? Why is it that small vocal minorities often seem to get their way? Why is it that Toastmasters International attracts over 170,000 members every year? Because many people are afraid to address an audience.

A U.S. publication, "The Book of Lists" reports thatrepparttar 124088 greatest fear of people in North America is to get up in front of a group of people to make a presentation. You are not alone!

And what do most of us do to overcome this fear? We simply decline invitations to speak. In other words, we throw away opportunities for career advancement or increased business. We choose to remain in our comfort zone.

If we do accept to speak to an audience, we have a tendency to hide behind electronic wizardry rather than making our speech a promotional platform for ourselves and we fervently hope thatrepparttar 124089 audience does not notice our shaking knees, trembling hands and quivering voice.

Real communication takes place when one human being reaches out to others by using his or her own natural wizardry. Allrepparttar 124090 email, faxes and multi-media equipment inrepparttar 124091 world will not be able to replacerepparttar 124092 human voice, body language or emotion in communication.

Presentation skills are within all of us but we have often developed a negative attitude towards speaking in public. Many psychologists and therapists tend to agree that this phobia about public speaking might have developed as a learned negative behavior during our school years.

Have You Found Your GOOBI?

Written by Jeff McCall

Many people spendrepparttar whole of their lives searching for that elusive secret to their own success. Oftenrepparttar 124087 so- called 'secret' is sitting right under their very nose.

Let's face it, unless you're naturally gifted, making a success of anything involves a whole lot of hard work. A lot ofrepparttar 124088 time,repparttar 124089 work we're faced with is often boring and monotonous. Wouldn't it be great if it were fun? Ding, dong! Arerepparttar 124090 lights starting to flash, and bells starting to sound inside your head yet?

I'm tempted to carry on rambling at this stage, but I know your just itching to find out what a GOOBI is. Am I right?

Well I'll put you out of your misery right now! GOOBI is simply a mnemonic for Get Out Of Bed Inducer. It's that thing that gets you out of bed inrepparttar 124091 morning and puts a spring in your step. It's also been described elsewhere, as your "Friday night essence". Think about it, what would you happily spend Friday night working on instead of dining with friends or watching a movie?

I was reminded ofrepparttar 124092 GOOBI concept recently, whilst watching a film. The title ofrepparttar 124093 film escapes me, which is probably best because it was rubbish. If I was to tell yourepparttar 124094 title you'd only go watch it, and then you'd be saying why did he mention that film it was rubbish.

Anyway, at one point inrepparttar 124095 film,repparttar 124096 leading character made a statement that struck a chord with me. He said "The secret to success is to find something you love doing, and do it forrepparttar 124097 rest of your life!" Of course, he was talking about finding your GOOBI.

So here comesrepparttar 124098 hard part. To find your GOOBI you have to start thinking for yourself. I know that bit's going to come as a shock to some of you, as a lot of people will go torepparttar 124099 ends ofrepparttar 124100 earth to avoid thinking for themselves. Isn't it just a lot easier to run withrepparttar 124101 flock and letrepparttar 124102 shepherd and his dog make allrepparttar 124103 decisions for you?

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