Written by Debbie Burgin

Okay, I’ll begin by telling you that I’ve been divorced for about 5 years, have an amazing family and by anyone’s standards, I have a wonderful life.

I worked inrepparttar film industry for almost 9 years for my ex-husband’s company. But when we split, I hadrepparttar 148719 dire task of figuring out just what else I was supposed to do, having worked in that industry for his company forrepparttar 148720 duration of our relationship, here I was, having to think about finding a job. A what? I was totally clueless. Where would I start? I’mrepparttar 148721 first to admit that I’m probably not going to receive ‘employee ofrepparttar 148722 month’ honors anytime soon, andrepparttar 148723 thought of actually having a boss makes me cringe (I’m definitelyrepparttar 148724 “I only have two hands, do it yourself” type of employee).

Considering all of these things, I realized that it was probably best that I start thinking about starting my own business. But what kind of business was I going to start? What did I know about running a business? What did I know how to do? Granted, I could fold laundry, and change a mean diaper, but who was going to pay me for doing that? I was terrified. What was I going to do? What if what I did was a flop? Worse yet, what if this endeavor was a success?

Anyway, one day I returned from a shopping trip with a black handbag amongst my treasures. When I took it out ofrepparttar 148725 shopping bag, my daughter looked at me and said, “Another black handbag? What’s up with all ofrepparttar 148726 black handbags?” Okay. I’m a self-confessed handbag junkie, but when I was shopping for a handbag, all I could find were black bags and I had more black handbags than I cared to admit to. I told my daughter that what I’m looking for essentially is a really unique handbag. Something that people will stop me onrepparttar 148727 street to ask, “Where did you get that handbag?”, but I can’t find it. To which she replied (and she was 10 atrepparttar 148728 time), “If someone doesn’t already make it, why don’t you make it?” My thought was, “Me? Make a handbag?” Can I do that?”

10 Easy Strategies to Revitalize Your Energy

Written by Karen Cross

Between your family,repparttar demands of work, household chores, social activities, etc., findingrepparttar 148690 energy to keep up with all your commitments can be exhausting. Everything feels like it needs your attention now. You’ve got so much going on in your life that it’s just one great big juggling act. Getting things under control will require energy you simply don’t have. There just isn’t any more left to give.

Energy is a precious commodity that when spread too thin leaves people feeling drained, overwhelmed, and stressed. When there’s too much going on in your life, I call that clutter. Clutter happens when people try to put everything atrepparttar 148691 top of their priority list and then try to give everything equal and immediate attention. It’s like throwing a whole bunch of tennis balls up inrepparttar 148692 air and then running around frantically trying to keep them all up there. Of course, this is impossible! The end result… Half finished projects, burnout, not enough rest, illness, lack of focus, lack of direction, feeling stuck, etc.

So how do you get more energy to be able to handle everything?

You don’t.

That’s right, you don’t!

The truth is, you only have so much energy. Once it’s used up, that’s it, there’s no more! The trick is to manage your energy more effectively. To do this, start to implement these easy and simple strategies:

1) Tune in to yourself – Start to pay attention torepparttar 148693 messages you send yourself. Are you telling yourself that you should be able to multi-task and get everything done? Do you criticize yourself if you don’t get everything done? It is important to shift these internal messages and give yourself permission to let things go.

2) Set priorities – Setting priorities is about asking yourself 2 questions: 1) what absolutely needs my attention right now, and 2) what do I need to let go of? In asking yourself these questions, you will make choices that will conserve your energy. Determine what your top 5 priorities are and stay focused on these.

3) Schedule “you time” – “You time” is a period of time inrepparttar 148694 day when you do something for yourself. During this time, you’re not answeringrepparttar 148695 phone, checking email, answeringrepparttar 148696 door, listening to messages, responding to any demands of any kind, etc. It could be a block of 15 minutes or it could be an hour. It doesn’t matter. Just as long as you make a commitment to yourself that during that time, you are doing something for you (going for a walk, listening to calming music, closing your eyes, enjoying a cup of tea, reading a good book…).

4) Breathe – This may seem rather obvious as people are required to breathe. However, when people are in chaos, breathing becomes shallow and rapid. To slow yourself down, remember to breathe deeply. Take a couple minutes on a frequent basis during each day to take some good deep breaths.

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