Ezine Subscribers Want More than a Free Ezine

Written by David McKenzie

An ezine is an essential part of an online business.

But it is not enough just to offer a free subscription to your high quality ezine.

You need to offer something more. You need to makerepparttar decision to subscribe to your ezine really easy. Basically, you have to give away something else for free when someone subscribes to your ezine. You need to offer a bonus.

The 2 best bonuses to give subscribers when joining up to your regular ezine are a free ebook or a free email course.

1. Free Ebook

Give your subscribers a free ebook. If it is only 10 pages long then call it a free ebooklet or free special report. If it is more than 10 pages then call it a free ebook.

Also, make it really easy to getrepparttar 124286 free ebook. When subscribers subscribe to your ezine make sure an autoresponder goes back to them immediately with instructions on where to obtainrepparttar 124287 free ebook.

It is oftenrepparttar 124288 case thatrepparttar 124289 free ebook enticed them into subscribing so make sure they can get their free ebook quickly and easily.

Boost Your E-zine Subscribers 10 Techniques That Work!

Written by By, Lisa M. Cope

Starting an e-zine is easy and fun to do! Decide on a topic. Pickrepparttar perfect name and poof you are a proud publisher of your very own e-zine. But getting subscribers is a different story. That is why...... I'm going to share with you 10 techniques that have worked well for me.

In less than 3 months using there simple techniques. I added over 2000 subscribers to my own e-zine and you can dorepparttar 124285 same."

1. Show your potential subscribers a sample issue of your e-zine. Black out some ofrepparttar 124286 important info; this will make them more curious & subscribe.

2. Give away a free follow-up autoresponder course. Publish your e-zine ad in each lesson. The more people see it,repparttar 124287 higherrepparttar 124288 chance they'll subscribe.

3. Offer your potential customers a discount on a particular product you sell if they subscribe to your free e-zine.

4. Give other businesses permission to give a free subscription to your e-zine as a bonus for a product they sell.

5. Ask your potential subscribers questions that'll persuade them to subscribe like: "Would you like to learn how you can make a living at home?"

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