Ezine Promotion, The Three Forgotten Tactics

Written by Peter Murphy

If you are like most ezine publishers you want more ideas that work. But hold on a minute what about allrepparttar key strategies that you have overlooked?

1 Teamwork:

Hook up with a fellow publisher who does not compete directly with you. I do this to find out what really works. Share ideas and results. Brainstorm even by email and you will discover new ways to promote your newsletter that you will not have spotted before.

You could save yourself weeks or months of wasted effort if you know which strategy people are responding to today. And not what used to work last year when that guru wrote his expensive ebook with allrepparttar 124281 answers that were true back then.

For example, last week I learned from a fellow ezine writer that his new ecourse was taking off like a rocket. So, I have cancelled my plans to write another ebook and instead I am working on developing an ecourse. And when it comes to promoting my new ecourse I already know an expert I can check in with instead of spending weeks to learn what works best.

2 Help other ezine publishers to get what they want:

Spend time solvingrepparttar 124282 problems that other ezine publishers face. For example, read their back issues and point out ways they can offer an even better product. If you can help them to get more subscribers you will be rewarded with your articles getting priority treatment and appearing in their upcoming issues.

Do these other publishers offer a free report to new subscribers? Ask if they would like one suitable for their audience and then produce one that focuses on your area of expertise. They get more subscribers by offering a truly useful report and you benefit by getting your byline in front of even more people.

Organize For Creativity

Written by Kathleen Wilson

OK, well, I know organization isn't really decorating, now is it? But, let's face it, what good is allrepparttar effort to create a nice home when it's hidden behindrepparttar 124280 mess andrepparttar 124281 clutter? So in order to help us all prevail over repparttar 124282 chaos, here are some great hints for putting everything in its place! (On a budget, of course!) The number one way to reduce clutter and mess? Deal with things as they occur, don't save it for later! Filerepparttar 124283 mail (or throw it away) as soon as it comes out ofrepparttar 124284 mailbox! Don't step over a small mess thinking you'll do repparttar 124285 whole room later. Getrepparttar 124286 idea? File your paperwork. Make a file/correspondence box with file folders. I just covered a sturdy cardboard box with some contact paper, turned it on its side, and glued a piece of miniature picket fence (cut out of leftover foam core) ontorepparttar 124287 front to hold inrepparttar 124288 bills! You could save lightweight cardboard for dividers, make a "to pay" file and a "to keep" file, and perhaps a school file forrepparttar 124289 kids, and whatever else fits your household! Hide stuff! Yes, there are times when we don't want our living room to look like Disneyland! Floor length cloths onrepparttar 124290 end tables are a great place to shove a toy box or unusually shaped toys when not needed. If you have open shelving or a pantry area, consider sewing a gathered curtain panel to cover clutter. Install it with a spring-tension

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