"Ezine Basics"

Written by Dr. Bill Nieporte

Email is, without question,repparttar most popular and powerful marketing tool available to entrepreneurs today. Website are great, but without an effective email, your marketing efforts will be anemic.

So how do you take advantage of email marketing? The best method is to begin your own opt-in periodic ezine--or an electronic magazine. There are over ten thousand ezines onrepparttar 124424 internet addressing hundreds of subjects.

What isrepparttar 124425 real power behind ezine marketing? It is RELATIONSHIPS. Those who have learnedrepparttar 124426 art of editing an ezine are developing relationships with readers that will (in many cases) be transformed into customers and business partnerships.

There are several skills that must be learned to become a effective ezine editor. Here they are:


In his best-selling marketing manual "Make Your Site Sell," Ken Evoy points out that any effective marketing strategy must remember that "if you try to sell to everybody you'll end up selling to nobody." That's why he points out haw important it is "target your audience" (learn more about Ken's book at http://allaboutsuccess.sitesell.com/).

This strategy is also important for newsletter editing and promotion. Think about it. The next time you passrepparttar 124427 magazine rack in your local grocery store look at each publication. Each has a theme that is specifically focused toward a particular segment of society. Your ezine should also be focused in that manner.

What should your focus be? That depends on you! What are your interests? What are your areas of expertise? With what segment ofrepparttar 124428 internet community do you hold a particular affinity? I've seen ezines that address e-commerce, web site development, comic book collecting, cat lovers (ugh),etc.

What's your niche? If you don't find it you'll only develop a nice safe-list--you won't berepparttar 124429 editor of an ezine! Do you knowrepparttar 124430 difference betweenrepparttar 124431 two? It's relationships. An ezine helps you develop meaningful personal and professional relationships.

Got your focus. Great! Now you need to...


Many editors overlook this aspects of their ezine development. Without a effective format, however, your ezine appears disorganized and frustrating to read.

Here are some things to consider as you develop your format.

1) When you openrepparttar 124432 ezine email, doesrepparttar 124433 first page grabrepparttar 124434 readers attention and make them want to keep reading? Items such as a "quote ofrepparttar 124435 week," a personal greeting, or a attractive table of contents will help keep subscribers reading.

2) Is you format geared toward advertisements or content? You've read those ezines that look likerepparttar 124436 the classified ad section of your local newspaper, haven't you? Neither have I! They are annoying! Focus on content, not ads. Both your advertisers and subscribers will appreicate it. Your subscribers will appreciate your focus on content. Your advertisers will appreciaterepparttar 124437 fact that their ad will probably be read.

3) Don't forget to provide clear and easy to follow subscription and unsubscription instructions.

Now that you've got your focus and format, what's next? Oh yes, you need to...


How do you get subscribers? You ask them to subscribe!

Sure, that's common sense. But how many times have you found yourself subscribed to a list you've never heard about? I have made it a policy to NEVER manually add names to my list. To get on my list people must do one of two things: 1) send an email request, or 2) complete a subscription form on my website at http://allaboutsuccess.com or http://ezinesuccess.com

Autoresponders Are a Publishers Best Friend

Written by Bill Platt

How many times have you subscribed to a new ezine, and then whenrepparttar first issue ofrepparttar 124423 ezine arrived, you were scratching your head as to how your email address ended up onrepparttar 124424 list? Our lives are often so tedious that little details often slip right from our memory.

The point is this. If it happens to you, you can rest assured that others haverepparttar 124425 same experience as well.

Sometimes when this happens to us, we just unsubscribe fromrepparttar 124426 list after that first issue. We cannot remember what compelled us to subscribe inrepparttar 124427 first place, andrepparttar 124428 first issue ofrepparttar 124429 ezine does little to rekindle our initial enthusiasm forrepparttar 124430 ezine.

As publishers, autoresponders can serve us well. When used correctly, autoresponders can strike whilerepparttar 124431 iron is hot, cementingrepparttar 124432 subscription forrepparttar 124433 new subscriber.

If your ezine has been around for a while, or only for a few issues, seriously consider takingrepparttar 124434 time to compile a "Best Of" issue.

Be certain to list subscription instructions nearrepparttar 124435 top of your "Best Of" issue, and also ask people to forward it to their friends.

Your "Best Of" issue should be placed into an autoresponder email address, and then given away at every opportunity. The momentrepparttar 124436 issue is ready, you can notify your subscribers of repparttar 124437 existence ofrepparttar 124438 issue. Inrepparttar 124439 ezine information area of each issue, you can also remind subscribers thatrepparttar 124440 "Best Of" is available at such-and-such email address. Ironically, some of your subscribers will download your "Best Of" several times.

The most important reason for buildingrepparttar 124441 "Best Of" issue is not forrepparttar 124442 benefit of your current subscribers, though most of them will appreciate your making it available to them. The best reason to implementrepparttar 124443 "Best Of" autoresponder is for your new subscribers!

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