Ezine Advertising Deals Revealed

Written by Greg Root

Ezine (electronic magazine) advertising is a great method for exposing your offer to a targeted audience (niche). This type of advertising can be quite expensive though if you don't know what to look for.

Two years of experience advertising in dozens of ezines has revealed a few money saving trends and commonalities. These tendencies will saverepparttar ezine marketer a considerable amount of money, especially when combined.

You may not realize it, but ezine ad specials and deals are fairly common if you know where to look and what to look for.

In this article, I will show you how to find these specials, what types to look for, andrepparttar 149682 details you need to know about each one in order to take advantage of these offers.

Subscribe This may seem obvious, but I never subscribed to ezines, simply because it wasn't necessary in order to purchase an ad. I would go torepparttar 149683 website, fill outrepparttar 149684 ad form, hitrepparttar 149685 PayPal button, and submitrepparttar 149686 ad. What I didn't know was that, though sometimes ad specials are available onrepparttar 149687 website,repparttar 149688 best ones are usually offered to subscribers.

With that in mind, always subscribe first. In fact, I recommend subscribing to about 20 or more ezines in your niche if you can find that many.

Whyrepparttar 149689 large number?

This is to insure a greater chance that one or more specials will appear in your email with regularity. It's a good idea to set up a separate email account just for these subscriptions.

The following are some ofrepparttar 149690 special offers you'll find as a subscriber.

Free Classified Ads A few ofrepparttar 149691 ezines you subscribe to will allow you to submit a free classified ad as a bonus for subscribing. Some even allow you to submit your ad every week for free. If you take advantage of these freebies, you'll find a few gems that do pretty well and are worthrepparttar 149692 effort of submitting. Additionally, many ezines post their ads online. I receive a steady trickle of visitors from such ads.

Subscription Specials From time to time, you'll receive some great advertising specials. The key here is to keep your eye out for them and be ready to respond because these deals are usually limited in number and time of availability

Blogs and RSS - Why Do I Need This Stuff?

Written by Keith Thompson

Blogs and RSS - Why Do I Need This Stuff?

by Keith Thompson

If you've been under a rock forrepparttar last year or so it's possible you might not have heard about blogs and RSS feeds. If you're like most of us, you've heardrepparttar 149658 buzz but might not've known what to make of it or what to do with it. Here's some answers.

First RSS feeds. RSS, depending on who you ask, stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is a technology that enables you to bring fresh, constantly updated material (feeds) into your site. The attraction of this is obvious. Sites need content,repparttar 149659 fresherrepparttar 149660 better. Search engines love new content, hencerepparttar 149661 excitement about being able to pipe in extremely targeted feeds directly into your site. The implementation of this is not as difficult as one might imagine, andrepparttar 149662 choices for content are ever-burgeoning. You can find a feed for almost anything, and if you can't, you can create your own and syndicate it all overrepparttar 149663 web. The possibilities are mind-boggling. End-users must haverepparttar 149664 capability to read these feeds, but there are free feed readers all overrepparttar 149665 place andrepparttar 149666 new generation of browsers will have this built in.

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