Eye For Sale, By Owner

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

A wire service report this week showed a single mother in Bangladesh who had advertised to sell one of her eyes to buy food for her starving daughter.

Try to think about that without your blood running cold: human beings selling parts of themselves as a final act of desperation. And that woman is only one ofrepparttar hundreds of thousands who are slowly starving to death each day.

What happened torepparttar 137405 concert fundraisers for Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Sub-Saharan Africa? Have we exhausted our capacity to care and to give? Have we become numb torepparttar 137406 plight of millions becauserepparttar 137407 problems are so overwhelming that we don't know where to start?

The 7 Deadly Sins Are Now American Icons

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

Withrepparttar focus ofrepparttar 137404 world onrepparttar 137405 change of power in Rome, now seems like an appropriate time to look at some tenets of that ancient faith as developed throughrepparttar 137406 centuries.

We all break one ofrepparttar 137407 10 commandments occasionally, and feel terribly guilty afterwards. The 7 deadly sins are something else: not only do we too frequently display them, but our culture seems bent on idolizing them!



The arrogance of believing that our way isrepparttar 137408 only way and asserting our certainty about howrepparttar 137409 world should work is exemplified by President Bush and his right-wing minions. The fact that he won re-election confirms that our citizens have no aversion to excessive pride, no matter what their particular religious doctrine prescribes.


"Keeping up withrepparttar 137410 Joneses" is a cultural pursuit touching all levels - we want what others have, we want it now, and we will build up our personal debt (just likerepparttar 137411 National Debt) to get it. Not only do we craverepparttar 137412 expensive toys that confer rarefied social status, we rejoice inrepparttar 137413 fall of our competition and take secret delight inrepparttar 137414 firing of a coworker who beat us out of a promotion orrepparttar 137415 fall of a public personality who unfairly seemed to have it all.


Road rage enteredrepparttar 137416 common vernacular when it became a common occurrence. We no longer publicly counsel patience and personal restraint, we laudrepparttar 137417 value of being upfront and aggressive. Business executives strive to be straight shooters and drivers, seeing self-contained, mild workers as passive and non-managerial material. "I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it any more" is a rallying cry for any cause we promote.


While we continue to extolrepparttar 137418 virtues of hard work and personal effort, we quietly buy our lottery tickets, while away our time atrepparttar 137419 alluring casinos now dottingrepparttar 137420 national landscape, and enter every contest where we might get something for nothing. Surfrepparttar 137421 Internet and try to countrepparttar 137422 ubiquitous and seductive ads promising monstrous income levels without work, without effort, without thought, without meaning.


We are constantly hearing of scams that have left hundreds of people penniless, homeless, or otherwise terribly hurt. Why are so many victimized? Tracerepparttar 137423 swindle to its core and there sits greed -repparttar 137424 promise of a better investment return, more income, making a small fortune. While most of us are well aware that something that sounds too good to be true probably isn't, we still fall for it ifrepparttar 137425 reward sounds good enough. Do you thinkrepparttar 137426 spammers would keep sending out those emails "I amrepparttar 137427 widow ofrepparttar 137428 late Nkrumo Obol who amassed 25 million dollars . . . " if they never received one response?

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