Eye Exercises - Boost The Power of Your Optic Muscles

Written by Charlie Cory

The eyes contain many small muscles, and there is no doubt that eye exercises can do little harm to your eyes, but can they actually be of benefit?

A New York ophthalmologist called Dr William Bates, developed a series of eye exercises to improve eyesight without resorting to lenses or surgery. Dr Bates felt that many eye problems had their root causes in stress, tension and laziness ofrepparttar eye and he thought that because of these causes,repparttar 149822 eyes could be treated without correction such as lenses, spectacles or even surgery. Dr Bates' methods were first devised atrepparttar 149823 beginning ofrepparttar 149824 20th century, but many people still practice them today.

Dr Bates' theory revolved aroundrepparttar 149825 notion thatrepparttar 149826 muscles ofrepparttar 149827 eye became fixed on a scene causing strain torepparttar 149828 eyes. Dr Bates felt thatrepparttar 149829 eyes could be re-trained to relax and improverepparttar 149830 link betweenrepparttar 149831 optic nerves andrepparttar 149832 brain.

Dr Bates' theories have been largely ignored byrepparttar 149833 world of medicine. However, many people aroundrepparttar 149834 world have claimed remarkable improvements in short sight, long sight, astigmatism, squints and lazy eyes using these methods. Even young children are able to practicerepparttar 149835 exercises and people with normal vision may improve concentration, reading skills and co-ordination by followingrepparttar 149836 routines suggested by Dr Bates.

In essence, you can expect to perform some simple exercises for about half an hour a day. These can involve some ofrepparttar 149837 following:-

'Palming.' To rest and relax your eyes, sit comfortably in front of a table, resting your elbows on a stack of cushions high enough to bring your palms easily to your eyes without stooping forward or looking up. Close your eyes and cover them with your cupped palms to exclude light, avoiding pressure onrepparttar 149838 sockets. Breathe slowly and evenly, relaxing and imagining deep blackness. Begin by doing this for 10 minutes, two or three times a day.

'Swinging.' Relax and keeprepparttar 149839 eyes mobile. Stand up and focus on a distant point, swaying gently from side to side. Repeat 100 times daily, blinking as you sway. Blinking cleans and lubricatesrepparttar 149840 eyes, which is especially important if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

Procrastination: Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome It

Written by By Teri B. Clark

I recently saw a t-shirt withrepparttar following saying: "Procrastinate later." I had a great laugh. However, procrastination is really not that funny.

The Effects of Procrastination

Just what is procrastination? It isrepparttar 149787 habit of putting things off untilrepparttar 149788 last possible minute. Procrastination in and of itself is not a problem -repparttar 149789 consequences of procrastination, however, can be devastating.

If you are a procrastinator, you have likely:

  • Missed opportunities
  • Worked late hours at work trying to get finished atrepparttar 149790 last moment
  • Felt completely stressed out
  • Been overwhelmed
  • Suffered feelings of guilt and resentment

Procrastination is a killer - a killer of dreams, ambitions, and achievement.

The Effects of Hypnosis

There is truly no need to continue onrepparttar 149791 procrastination cycle of wait, wait, wait, stress out, and wait some more. You can overcome procrastination. How? Throughrepparttar 149792 power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not some hocus pocus form of psychotherapy - it is simply a natural occurring state of mind that bypassesrepparttar 149793 conscious part ofrepparttar 149794 mind. Whenrepparttar 149795 conscious is bypassed, we don't pass judgment on what is being suggested.

Believe it or not, we are in a hypnotic state quite often. For instance, here are some times when you have "turned off"repparttar 149796 judgment portion of your mind:

  • When you see a commercial on TV that influences you to buy a product
  • When an expert tells you something and you don't questionrepparttar 149797 validity of that statement
  • Children do it when they are pretending.

By going aroundrepparttar 149798 judgment portion ofrepparttar 149799 mind, suggestions can be put into your subconscious and get you to head towards a particular goal - justrepparttar 149800 way advertisers propel you towards their product.

Your Conscious Mind Resists Overcoming Procrastination

Have you ever tried to stop procrastinating?

What happens? If you are like most people, you tell yourself something and your judgmental mind finds all kinds of reasons why it won't work!

For instance, one ofrepparttar 149801 main self-help suggestions for overcoming procrastination is to breakrepparttar 149802 overall task into smaller, more doable chunks. This sounds great.

Now try putting that through your conscious, judgmental filter. Here are some ofrepparttar 149803 things you are likely to "hear":

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