Extreme Self Care

Written by Jim M. Allen

How much do you want to do in this life? Isrepparttar list of things you hope to accomplish lengthy and bold?

Chances are that you have many plans still left to complete. To do all of those things, you must stay well. Healthy, that is, not just mentally but physically.

Adoptrepparttar 131347 mind set of exhibiting extreme self care for your- self. Eat a proper diet, exercise, get a good night's sleep, relax your body and your mind. Do all of those things that you KNOW you need to do to stay healthy and sharp of wit.

This may mean doing some "simple" things that many just aren't comfortable with, such as:

10 Great Life Skills to Have, Use and Improve!

Written by Jim M. Allen

It takes a lot of skills to negotiate through life. Many of them we pick up alongrepparttar way, others we need to develop, and some we just need to polish a little bit.

Here are ten important life skills:

1. Listening

2. Giving compliments

3. Accepting compliments

4. Thinking positive

5. Saying "No"

6. Laughing

7. Planning

8. Asking questions

9. Reading

10. Exercising

Now, considerrepparttar 131345 following questions:

How often do you use these skills? --Not enough? Too much? Or not at all?

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