Extra Tough and Durable Hubcaps now available at Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

There are many different kinds of wheel covers, or 'hubcaps,' that you can purchase for your vehicles. Parts train's hubcaps come as new, used, aftermarket, and re-conditioned. One way you can find various types of wheel covers is by checking retail stores like Partstrain selling wheel covers. Most consumers choose wheel covers based on style from a wide selection in retail stores. Hubcaps are often used as a synonym for wheel cover. A wheel cover coversrepparttar entire wheel while a hubcap covers onlyrepparttar 147264 center ofrepparttar 147265 wheel, orrepparttar 147266 hub.

Hubcaps can sometimes be tough. They are usually coated or painted with an acrylic paint that can sometimes crack, and peel off - revealing a yellowish tinge fromrepparttar 147267 primer. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do with these caps, other than buy a new set. But if you clean them frequently, they should last for years. Harmful elements such as break dust, and salt will dullrepparttar 147268 center ofrepparttar 147269 rim due to rust and stains. Whether you have spent hundreds of dollars for aftermarket rims, or your car has stock rims, it is important to clean and protect our rims regularly to prevent these problems. Metal and aluminum polishes are perfect for protecting and removing stains, rust and dullness to your rims.

Hubcaps are simply decorative caps that fit over a car's wheels. They are not necessary forrepparttar 147270 operation of your car, but they can greatly improverepparttar 147271 appearance of it as they're intended to coverrepparttar 147272 less attractive components ofrepparttar 147273 wheel. Made from different materials like steel, aluminum, or plastic, hubcaps vary significantly in style and price. They are usually offered as a standard option when you buy a car at a dealership, but you can also purchase them at specialty car or tire stores. In addition to being a stylistic feature, hubcaps can actually help keep dust and water away fromrepparttar 147274 wheel bearings and brakes. As a result, it's best to choose hubcaps that are durable, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion and are able to withstand extreme temperatures.

OEM and Aftermarket Parts: Parts Train's Best Quality Radiator Support

Written by Jenny McLane

Parts Train's radiator support restoresrepparttar original look and contour of your car's radiator. Rusted, dented or cracked parts are primer painted and bolt on easily with original mounting hardware. It has die-formed steel with all correct bodylines, light holes, cutouts, mounting holes, etc. If you have repeated heater core or aluminum radiator failures, consider one possible source to be coolant breakdown and electrolysis due to combustion gases from head gasket leaks. The two most common causes are a poor ground torepparttar 147263 radiator's electric cooling fan, or a poor ground fromrepparttar 147264 starter motor and engine block torepparttar 147265 battery.

Any vehicle with accessories bolted torepparttar 147266 radiator support or to a nearby component can be affected by electrolysis. Electrolysis is a fast-acting menace that attacks not only radiators and heaters, but can destroy an entire engine in a mere 20,000 miles.A poorly grounded engine and starter motor can zap enough current throughrepparttar 147267 cooling system to blast apart a heater or radiator in a matter of weeks or even days, depending on how oftenrepparttar 147268 vehicle is started.

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