Exploring Himalayas

Written by Fantababy

"A hundred divine epochs would not suffice to describe allrepparttar marvels ofrepparttar 146896 Himalayas." -Sanskrit Proverb

First we went to central railway station in Chennai. At that time we couldnít getrepparttar 146897 tickets to go to New Delhi. But we were determined to start our tour. So we decided to catch a flight. But immediately a person approached us and told us that he can get us tickets to New Delhi by train. But we had to bribe him some amount. We gotrepparttar 146898 tickets in an air-conditioned coach.

A special mention about railway journey-A long journey inrepparttar 146899 Indian Railways is always a great memory to cherish upon. Though Indian Railways is slow and it takes two to three days to reachrepparttar 146900 destination. The journey time is enjoyed by watching sight seeing and by eating lots of food that comes frequently inrepparttar 146901 train itself. Those people who are going to visit India, my advice is donít miss a long journey in Indian Railways. It is always cheap and enjoyable.

We reached New Delhi after 1 day and 2 nights. We stayed in Ashoka Hotel. We had to boardrepparttar 146902 train to Kalka to reach Shimla (gallery). The name ofrepparttar 146903 train is Himalayan Queen. It is very similar torepparttar 146904 seating arrangements in an airplane. The train is completely air-conditioned with chair car facilities. They gave cutlets and bread to eat. But that didnít suffice our hunger. Actually we expected either of south or north Indian meals. We reached kalka inrepparttar 146905 evening. From kalka we boardedrepparttar 146906 toy train. The train went for 5 hours and finally reached Shimla. Going in toy train makes one feel enjoyable. It goes very slowly. We can enjoyrepparttar 146907 natural sceneries andrepparttar 146908 high mountains of Shimla. While we went inrepparttar 146909 toy train, we ate Punjabi meals which included rice, Punjabi dhal, roti and subji.

There were many foreigners who came with us inrepparttar 146910 toy train. Foreigners always walk everywhere. I think this isrepparttar 146911 reason why they have a very good health. We stayed in Hotel Ashoka (Shimla), which is inrepparttar 146912 Mall road. We went for sight seeingrepparttar 146913 next day. No rice was available there in Shimla. Only chapatti was available in opulence.

In Shimla, we went to helipad (where helicopters land in). We couldnít see evenrepparttar 146914 people who were opposite to us (due to fog). In Shimla, we traveled in a maruthi omni car. While traveling, we could see many apple trees with so many apples. Roses were available in plenty alongrepparttar 146915 road side.

We booked a bus to Manali. Our journey started inrepparttar 146916 early morning at 6 am. The journey time from Shimla to Manali (gallery) is around 10 hours approximately. Various Hindi songs were played inrepparttar 146917 bus. We missed our breakfast. For lunch we were provided only with bread along with tomatoes sprinkled. During our bus journey, a small gushing water stream started accompanying us. Slowlyrepparttar 146918 gushing sound ofrepparttar 146919 water increased tremendously. The sound was more thanrepparttar 146920 sound of a beach. The bus stopped for tea break and everybody went nearrepparttar 146921 river. We washed our legs inrepparttar 146922 waters. The water was very pure.

Florida Alligator Stalking Vacations

Written by Steve Gillman

Alligators wererepparttar furthest thing from our minds as my wife Ana and I traveled alongrepparttar 146868 coast of northern Florida. We had paid $23 to camp in our conversion van at a beautiful state park onrepparttar 146869 beachrepparttar 146870 night before. Inrepparttar 146871 morning we saw a dolphin swimming near shore.

Then we heard we could camp for free atrepparttar 146872 isolated campgrounds which dottedrepparttar 146873 Apalachicola National Forest. Our frugality sent us into alligator country.

We spent two nights inrepparttar 146874 dark woods next torepparttar 146875 dark waters of a slow river. Our only company was an old guy who seemed to be living there, and a nice couple with their two-year-old daughter. Lester was from England, Kari from Texas, and Indya was born in Guatamala. They met in India, of course.

Our little group circledrepparttar 146876 fire at night, trading stories, and occasionally sneaking down torepparttar 146877 water with flashlights to look forrepparttar 146878 eyes of alligators. We heard splashes inrepparttar 146879 night, but saw nothing.

Lake Talquin

Whenrepparttar 146880 old guy told us camping was free at Wiliams Landing, on Lake Talquin, we all moved up there for a week. The hot showers convinced us. We continued trading stories aroundrepparttar 146881 fire each night, but now we saw all kinds of wildlife. Armadillos walked through camp, giant grey herons fished just offshore fromrepparttar 146882 van, and there were racoons, owls, squirrels, ducks, and turtles. Then was alsorepparttar 146883 "monster."

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