Exploiting the Keyword „Free“

Written by Lil Waldner

Wordtracker Keywords displays regularilyrepparttar most popular keywords. Paris Hilton, Xbox and Google belong torepparttar 140342 blockbooster-like keywords. The keyword free ranks also always amongrepparttar 140343 the most popular keywords.

Free gifts are popular

It is clear, whyrepparttar 140344 keyword “free” is so popular. Everybody is hunting for free services and free gifts atrepparttar 140345 internet. The internet has gained it’s enormous popularity, because a lot of free information and free services, e.g. free software, has been offered fromrepparttar 140346 very early days ofrepparttar 140347 web. Free services are a part ofrepparttar 140348 internet history.

Attracting customers

Free gifts are offered in order to attract customers. Some software can be used during a free trial period, butrepparttar 140349 customer has to pay for it afterwards. Free e-books are a popular marketing tool. If a customer buys a software or an advertising service, he or she sometimes receives an e-book with marketing tips and tricks.

The Pros

Customers can be lured and attracted with free gifts. A lot of people userepparttar 140350 keyword free andrepparttar 140351 owner of a website gets a lot of hits, ifrepparttar 140352 website ranks high amongrepparttar 140353 websites that show uprepparttar 140354 keyword free after clicking on it. People can be convinced to sign up for a free gift andrepparttar 140355 internet merchant can collect email addresses that can be used for mailings. Sooner or later some ofrepparttar 140356 mailings might lead to purchases

Customers can enjoy a lot of free services. Free webhosting, free internet tools, free software, free e-books, free email accounts, free music download, free games, free directory submissions, free classified ads and much much more. Free webhosting is very fine if an affiliate or webmaster produces a bulk of mini websites that link torepparttar 140357 main website. It makes it easy to gain link popularity without spending a dime forrepparttar 140358 hosting of hundreds of mini websites.

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