Exploit Your Very Own Gold Mine

Written by Dave Balch

I was in a store last night and they had a mailing list sign-up sheet onrepparttar counter. It said "Give us your address so we can let you know about specials, sales, and news about our store." Good idea!

Every business owner has a private gold mine just sitting there and very few seem to be taking advantage of it: their current customers. We all know how expensive it is to get a new customer, but how many of us are getting all we can fromrepparttar 117605 customers we already have? This isn't rocket science; you are providing a valuable product or service and your current customers already know and trust you. Be in a position to make special offers to them to getrepparttar 117606 biggest bang for your advertising buck. To do this, you must know who they are and how to reach them. To do that, create a database that is just for customers. Anyone who has ever bought anything from you or inquired should be in it. START NOW, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU WILL USE IT; it takes time to accumulaterepparttar 117607 data and enter it. Then, when you decide how to use it you'll be ready to rock 'n roll!

Collectingrepparttar 117608 data may be easy or it may not, depending on your situation. The retail merchant I mentioned earlier only had walk-in traffic, so they had to ask forrepparttar 117609 information. There's nothing wrong with that. It's actually better, because their customers are ASKING to be sold to! If your business is mail order, you already have shipping information; be sure you have their mailing address as well. If you want, you can even keep track of what they buy, so you can send them specialized mailings. If you owned a pet store, for example, you could note whether they buy dog or cat products. Then you could send specialized mailings for each type of pet.

New and Improved... Or Is It?

Written by Bill Platt

Twice inrepparttar last two weeks, I have come across articles where he author is celebrating "A New, More Effective Way to Promote Your Business onrepparttar 117604 Web."

Exhuberant, I opened each article expecting to see something new and interesting. On both counts, I was disappointed. Both articles offered nothing new... justrepparttar 117605 same ol' hash, rehashed.

I guessrepparttar 117606 wisest man around, knew aboutrepparttar 117607 Internet well before it was created. Solomon spoke well when he said, "There is nothing new underrepparttar 117608 sun."

To some people new torepparttar 117609 Internet, or new to promotion on repparttar 117610 Internet, these people come across as Internet geniuses who have discovered a great new technique for promotion. Granted, forrepparttar 117611 reader who has never seen these techniques, they are in fact seeing a new technique.

Forrepparttar 117612 newbie torepparttar 117613 world of Internet promotion and marketing, they have discovered a new marketing guru to pay attention to. But, what happens when downrepparttar 117614 road, this same newbie sees repparttar 117615 same author claim "New and Improved" once again --- but this timerepparttar 117616 newbie isn't a newbie and recognizesrepparttar 117617 "New and Improved" technique is only a rehash ofrepparttar 117618 same ol' hash?

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