Explode Your Traffic and Sales!

Written by A. T. Rendon

Jupiter Communications, http://www.jup.com/home.jsp, estimates that byrepparttar year 2002, 25% of all Internet sales will be generated by affiliate programs!

That's roughly works out to be over $10 Billion dollars!

Why is that important to you?

Because there is NO reason why you can not take advantage of this excellent technique to get FREE exposure for your web site and/or products and services.

It will only cost you AFTER you make a sale. And then it is only a percentage ofrepparttar 102580 total sale.

An affiliate program can provide you with these benefits:

1. FREE Advertising.

People join affiliate programs to earn money.

You allow them to join for free and in return they become unpaid salespeople that spend their own time and efforts on promoting your product or service.

This is FREE online advertising at its' best.

2. Pay money only AFTER you make money.

Your affiliates will promote your site for free and you won't pay them a penny UNTIL they make a sale for you.

It is exactly like having hundreds of sales people working on straight commission and you don't have to go through repparttar 102581 tedious hiring process or pay employee benefits. 3. Fringe Benefits.

Here is an often-overlooked benefit of starting an affiliate program; FREE traffic to your web site.

Even if visitors sent to your web site via affiliates do not make a purchase of your product and/or services, there is a good possibility that they will at least subscribe to your FREE ezine, bookmark your site or access some other feature at your web site you did not anticipate.

Remember, you only pay your affiliates when you make money. Until then, you are getting loads of FREE traffic and exposure!

4. Your Ads Tested Free.

Your affiliates will test your ads for you.

You can write ads for them, but they place them for you and you measurerepparttar 102582 results. If your ads do not work, you lose nothing.

You can then work to improve and testrepparttar 102583 ads for FREE until they do work. You only pay commission to your affiliates after they sell your product or service.

Where Do I Start?

Written by John Colanzi

New marketers are coming online everyday. If you're one of them, I'm sure you've been asking yourself, where do I start?

There's so little time and so much information to absorb.

So many gurus with conflicting information.

Who's right?

Who should you listen to?

Before you do anything, you should sit down and decide what you are passionate about. It's so much easier to succeed if you're promoting something that excites you and gets your blood flowing,

I've always been an information junkie. Selling information, just fits me like a glove.

You may be sports oriented. You may have a passion for selling sports related products.

Inrepparttar words of Shakespeare, "In brief sir, study what you most affect."

Find your passion and you're ready to get started.

The next question should be whether to promote affiliate programs?

I know many marketers may disagree, but I think affiliate programs are a good starting point.


** Pickrepparttar 102579 right program and you'll get a good education.

** It requires little or no capital to get started.

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