"Explode Your Sales With Banner Ads!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Contrary to rumors ofrepparttar death of Banner Ads, repparttar 100995 banner ad remains one ofrepparttar 100996 three most popular forms of advertising onrepparttar 100997 Internet.

Actually, banner ads ARErepparttar 100998 best form of online ads!

Internet advertising expenditures declined overall in 2001, yet this decline was felt in all advertising sectors ofrepparttar 100999 economy andrepparttar 101000 online decline was actually less that that found in other advertising sectors. According torepparttar 101001 Internet Advertising Bureau's (IAB), http://www.iab.net/repparttar 101002 online Ad Formats break down as follows:

"Percentage use of various ad formats remained fairly consistent in 2001. Formats tracked and their respective share of 2000 and 2001 full year revenue are: "

2000 2001 Banners 48% 36% Sponsorships 28% 26% Classifieds 7% 16%

Ad revenues for 2002 are expected to surpass these figures withrepparttar 101003 majority ofrepparttar 101004 ad revenues being funneled into Banner Ad campaigns.

In a report compiled and released by Engage, Inc. http://www.engage.com/, they announced that their:

"Study Reveals That Viewing of Online Ads Alone, Regardless of Click-Through, Leads To Sales".

This report has put a new spin onrepparttar 101005 traditional methods behind banner ads becauserepparttar 101006 lead finding determined that there is a strong pattern emerging of users who recently saw an online ad and converting that ad exposure into a sale.

There is now a measurable and concrete value to an ad impression WITHOUT a click-thru.

Advertisers will now need to pay attention to repparttar 101007 99% of people that don't click-thru on their ads but do take note ofrepparttar 101008 message for future reference and visits.

This fundamentally raisesrepparttar 101009 monetary value ofrepparttar 101010 Internet as an advertising medium, because this analysis demonstrates that just seeing a banner ad alone WILL create sales.

With these new findings in mind, for a banner ad to work well , they will need to encompass these three "KEY" elements:

Banner Design Tips

Written by David Callan

Banner advertising is by farrepparttar most popular and widespread form of advertising onrepparttar 100994 Internet, almost every website has some form of banner advertising on it. There's just no escapingrepparttar 100995 banner onrepparttar 100996 net.

Even though we have all readrepparttar 100997 news aboutrepparttar 100998 declining effectiveness of banners onrepparttar 100999 web, I still believe that withrepparttar 101000 right 'ingredients' banners can be a good source of visitors and income for most webmasters.

There are five of these ingredients that I'd considerrepparttar 101001 most important, using all or most of them will always enable you to get a higher click through for your various banners. I'll list them and then continue to discuss each one in a bit more detail.

Small file Call to action Animation Good ad copy Fake factor

1. Small file This is one ofrepparttar 101002 most important things you have to get right when designing a banner, ifrepparttar 101003 .gif or .jpg file is large it will take a few seconds to download and by thenrepparttar 101004 visitor might have scrolled downrepparttar 101005 page, meaning he or she doesn't even get to see your banner. If people don't see your banner they definitely are not going to click on it. So make sure your file stays below 10K, 15K atrepparttar 101006 absolute most, it's sometimes hard to do, but ifrepparttar 101007 others can do it, we can do it too.

2. Call to action This is one ofrepparttar 101008 easiest ways to increaserepparttar 101009 CTR (click through rate) of a banner, on this allrepparttar 101010 experts agree. Using a call to action simply involves havingrepparttar 101011 words 'click here' or some other words such as 'sign up now' or something similar.

My thoughts on why using a call to action increasesrepparttar 101012 CTR so much includerepparttar 101013 fact that there is so much advertising off-line, such as TV, Radio, billboards etc. etc. With advertising on these off-line mediums, target audiences are generally just required to watch or readrepparttar 101014 ad. All ads online have a link andrepparttar 101015 purpose is to get people to click onrepparttar 101016 ad and visitrepparttar 101017 advertisers website, however withrepparttar 101018 world being so used to off-line advertising many people just see banners and think that's it, they don't realize that they are actually meant to click on it to find out more. That's way having click here or another call to action improvesrepparttar 101019 effectiveness of a banner.

3. Animation Banners with moving elements attractrepparttar 101020 eye a lot more than static banners do. The whole idea of designing banners is to grab attention of website visitors, using small animation help to do this. I say small because I don't want you to go overboard and fill a banner with lots of animation, this is a bad idea because, one it increases file size, and two it is generally annoying to people after a while especially when they are trying to read an article or tutorial. If your banner annoys them, they will most likely just leave without clicking on it.

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