Experts imperfections

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Inrepparttar nine months that mothers carried their child in their wombs, they could only hope thatrepparttar 146377 baby will emerge in perfect health. With this hope, they takerepparttar 146378 prescribed medicines, eatrepparttar 146379 right foods and takerepparttar 146380 necessary precautions needed. All in all, this will lead to one ofrepparttar 146381 most memorable stages in a woman’s life: childbirth. The pain that comes with it is no match forrepparttar 146382 happiness whenrepparttar 146383 time came forrepparttar 146384 baby to emerge intorepparttar 146385 world. Andrepparttar 146386 one thing mothers always think before themselves isrepparttar 146387 baby’s health upon and after birth. So it must have been such a blow to them when something bad happens torepparttar 146388 baby.

There are many cases whereinrepparttar 146389 experts are one causingrepparttar 146390 damage torepparttar 146391 patient. In pregnant women, there have been cases of negligence either during pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy, sometimes doctors gives out wrong prescriptions out of negligence. It cannot be seen yet during this stage. It is after birth that these can be these. It can be brain damages to deformities and even death. It is only after these injuries surfaced that one canrepparttar 146392 damage has been done.

There also have been cases of malpractice during childbirth. Sometimes due to doctors not doing their job properly, serious injuries and damages are incurred. An example of this is a case wherein, during childbirth, babies are not givenrepparttar 146393 treatment they need, causing physical injuries and internal defects. Some in diagnosingrepparttar 146394 wrong treatment leads to birth injuries. Many cases have been reported of this negligence onrepparttar 146395 part ofrepparttar 146396 doctors in treating patients especially those who are giving birth. Instances like this are sometimes not given corrective actions because of ignorance. The victims of these cases believed inrepparttar 146397 expertise ofrepparttar 146398 professionals, giving them their full trusts only to be disappointed and be victims inrepparttar 146399 end.

When looking left or right is not anymore safe.

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Take a look at this scene: A woman crossingrepparttar street, looking to her left then to her right. She was on her way crossingrepparttar 146076 street, when a car, careening at top speed downrepparttar 146077 street, hit her then went on its way, leavingrepparttar 146078 blooded woman sprawled onrepparttar 146079 street, dead. Or this: A man hastily crossingrepparttar 146080 street suddenly slipped and fell, inrepparttar 146081 way of an incoming vehicle. He got hit, went flying a few feet, then landed, battered but alive, onrepparttar 146082 pavement, whilerepparttar 146083 driver ofrepparttar 146084 vehicle rushed over and try to get help… These two scenarios are just some examples of accidents that happen simply by crossingrepparttar 146085 street. This is what is called pedestrian accidents. Road accidents involving pedestrians account for more deaths and casualties inrepparttar 146086 streets worldwide. In most cases, these pedestrians end up dead or suffering serious injuries and damage when they get into this kind of accident. Negligent and dangerous drivers arerepparttar 146087 most commonly pointed causes of these accidents. The victims either get hospitalization and money benefits arerepparttar 146088 usual claimsrepparttar 146089 victim gets. Sometimes these are not enough to sustain for them. The most common casualties endured in these accidents are brain injuries, bone fractures, paralysis and coma and not to mention, death. Some pedestrians blame themselves for getting intorepparttar 146090 accident inrepparttar 146091 first place. They feel that it was their fault that they got hit byrepparttar 146092 vehicle. This isrepparttar 146093 usual reaction thatrepparttar 146094 victims have because they do not want any further questions about what had happened. Some are even willing to just settle for an amount agreed by both parties.

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