Experts Don't Need to Advertise - Do They?

Written by Rosalie Hamilton

I Don't Need to Advertise, Do I?

To experts who say, “I do not need to advertise; I have allrepparttar business I need,” I quote Confucius, “Digrepparttar 119292 well before you thirst.” In fact, one ofrepparttar 119293 most perilous times in a business is whenrepparttar 119294 business seems to have finally taken off, with a sufficient amount of work to be solvent and profitable. Murphy’s Law being immutable, afterrepparttar 119295 current business engagements are handled,repparttar 119296 business may dry up without warning and, seemingly, with no explanation.

In my many years of working with expert witnesses, even after pointing to tort reform orrepparttar 119297 threat thereof, recession economies, and other vagaries, sometimes there seems to be no reasonable explanation for calls from attorneys having slowed or even stopped. The expert who has his name and credentials “out there” will suffer less in these times. Advertising will keep a stream of business coming in duringrepparttar 119298 slow times, especially if done in conjunction with networking and other forms of marketing.

Some experts are understandably wary of advertising. I see forensic advertising that I consider objectionable, advertising that a skilled attorney could use to impeach an expert witness. Onrepparttar 119299 other hand,repparttar 119300 fact that one advertises is not in itself objectionable. Advertising is notrepparttar 119301 basis of being viewed as a “hired gun.” That results, instead, fromrepparttar 119302 prostituting of oneself by shapingrepparttar 119303 facts and opinions rendered to produce a desired conclusion.

If you are concerned about how you will look when answering questions about advertising your expert services, remember thatrepparttar 119304 attorney cross-examining you is probably listed in local, state, and national bar association publications; Martindale-Hubbell®; local, state, and national legal magazines and newspapers;repparttar 119305 Yellow Pages; and his child’s athletic booster directory, as wasrepparttar 119306 judge when he practiced law as an attorney! Do not takerepparttar 119307 questioning personally. Your responses torepparttar 119308 questions, rather thanrepparttar 119309 questions themselves, will determine jurors’ and even judges’ attitude toward you. You should practice maintaining your poise and articulating prepared responses to purposely emotion-loaded questions.

Many successful experts tell me they let questions about their advertising “bother them allrepparttar 119310 way torepparttar 119311 bank.” They feel that questions regarding advertising comprise only one of many issues onrepparttar 119312 cross-examination list, and they answer them simply and truthfully.

My advice is to keep your advertising professional, conservative, and in good taste. You should also read “how-to” expert witness books and attend expert witness conferences and workshops in order to learn techniques for handling cross-examination questions in deposition and in court. After all,repparttar 119313 opposing attorney has an obligation to ask every question that might even remotely discredit you torepparttar 119314 jury. Sometimes this process takesrepparttar 119315 form of asking benign questions or questions with benign answers, but in phraseology or a tone of voice that attempts to evoke an emotional response from you. Giving a matter-of-fact answer, using a normal tone of voice in a poised manner of speaking, will defuse such questions.

whent/police and confessed a 10y old crime after seeing passion of the christ

Written by Ransy Reynis

Yes that is right Norwegian before most dangerous man Nazi leader Johnny Olsen confessed a 10 year old crime. He wasrepparttar man behind both bombs attack on Blitz-house in Oslo August 1994 and November 1995 after seeingrepparttar 119291 filmrepparttar 119292 passion ofrepparttar 119293 Christ. Fortunately no one was injured or dyed, I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing onrepparttar 119294 news. Olsen was going in to prison to serve four month for illegal possession of guns and violence, when he did decided to see Mel Gibson’s film. Almost 10 years after he bombedrepparttar 119295 Blitz-house he chose to confess his crime, He toldrepparttar 119296 police that he had had bad conscious for many years. It came to him when he sowrepparttar 119297 movie Passion ofrepparttar 119298 Christ that God gave him a signal to go torepparttar 119299 police. He wasrepparttar 119300 prime suspect atrepparttar 119301 time butrepparttar 119302 police could not make a case against him at that time because they needed more evidence.

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