Expecting the Unexpected Can Save Your Tradeshow

Written by Susan Friedmann

Catastrophes come from out of nowhere. Massive thunderstorms can roll through a region without a momentís notice, knocking out power and phone lines. An iffy meal at a local restaurant, and you have a staff member flat on their back with food poisoning. Open up your sales materials only to discover that you have allrepparttar wrong literature Ė and that itís printed in a language you canít read! What do you do?

The key is preparation. Most problems can be addressed using your creativity and common sense Ė but implementing those solutions can be tricky. Begin by laying a strong foundation for your team with advance preparation.

Advance preparation will makerepparttar 145357 difference between success and failure. By starting well before your trade show, youíll be assured of smooth sailing, no matter what happens. There are three areas to concentrate on: People, Places, and Things.

People: You are only as good as your booth staff. The best display, graphics, and give-always wonít save your show if your staff isnít up to snuff. Provide comprehensive training beforerepparttar 145358 show. Cross train your staff so that one member can cover for another. This doesnít mean your sales people need to be technical gurus or that your mechanical whiz-kids need to become top-notch sellers Ė but each should know enough aboutrepparttar 145359 otherís purview to pinch-hit.

Places: Itís not enough to merely know whererepparttar 145360 convention center is. Take a few minutes and do an internet search about your destination. Where isrepparttar 145361 closest medical facility? Airport? Copy shop? Shipping center? Having area knowledge will save you valuable time if you need to send staffers out ofrepparttar 145362 venue for errands. Youíre only atrepparttar 145363 show for a few days. Make your time there as productive as possible.

Designate a team leader beforerepparttar 145364 show. This person will berepparttar 145365 go-to person in case of any emergencies, and should have decision-making power. If an unforeseen event occurs, your team will know who they should turn to for direction.

Things: The biggest headaches often come fromrepparttar 145366 simplest items. If your brochures have been sent to Hong Kong instead of Dallas, thereís not much you can do to remedyrepparttar 145367 situation, short of hopping a red eye and physically retrievingrepparttar 145368 wayward literature yourself. Thatís not always practical.

Instead, depend on back-ups. For example: Having a CD-ROM back up of all your literature is a simple, easy step. Most major cities have print shops that will happily run off a few thousand brochures. Youíll pay a premium for rush service, but thatís a small price compared torepparttar 145369 potential revenue loss.

No Sales? Your Traffic Is Not The Problem!

Written by John Iacovakis

There are thousands of web sites getting thousands of visits to their websites every week without making a sale!

I can tell yourepparttar traffic is notrepparttar 145356 problem. Well maybe from some traffic providers out there. But, in most casesrepparttar 145357 web site itself is not able to convert web site visitors to customers.

A visitor most likely will not takerepparttar 145358 time to find out what youíre offering. Especially since he was not looking for your website and your site popped up (or under). You better give him a reason to not close your pop under!

Remember, you have only a few seconds to make people understand what you are offering before they close your web page.

Some tips for a successful advertisement:

- Start general, keep it short, and make your page fast loading. - Use a lot of "white space" on your page. - Make sure your company logo or name appears clearly inrepparttar 145359 ad. Sooner or later, your product or name will become known throughoutrepparttar 145360 Internet. - Do not list features but benefits. - Have no more than 3-4 bullet points on your ad. - Have only one specific offer. - Does your ad look professional? If your page is poorly designed you will not succeed. - Tell people what to do. Put a ďclick hereĒ button on your ad. Believe it or not it makes a difference! - Use a dark background. It contrasts most sites and grabsrepparttar 145361 attention ofrepparttar 145362 visitor. - Don't send people directly to a sales page. Use proven marketing strategies like free offers, free reports etc, to generate a lead: Most people will not buy anything on their first exposure to it.

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