Expanding Investments lead to Living In Style

Written by Ida Byrd-Hill

Everyone secretly desires to berepparttar ‘Rich and Famous’, whether it is onrepparttar 151108 local, national or worldwide scene. We spend our lives chasing this desire. We strive to live in a spacious home in an affluent neighborhood decorated by a professional interior designer. We enroll our children in prestigious private or public schools to acquaint ourselves withrepparttar 151109 finer things in life. We join social clubs to have access torepparttar 151110 mover and shakers inrepparttar 151111 world. We adorn our bodies withrepparttar 151112 best jewelry, clothes and accessories that money can buy clubs outfitted in designer clothes We, even, jetset amongstrepparttar 151113 wealthy at exotic locations aroundrepparttar 151114 world.

Yet we missrepparttar 151115 basic concept that makesrepparttar 151116 ‘Rich and Famous’ who they are. They arerepparttar 151117 rich and famous as these individuals live a life where they consciously map out their life’s purpose and direction. They set out to achieve that purpose within a profitable career whether it is in sports, showbiz, business or medicine. Consequently, they have large investment and bank accounts. Their accumulation of assets—cash and

Hold the Dollar Rule the World

Written by Ida Byrd-Hill

Today, all Americans are engrossed withrepparttar news reports ofrepparttar 151107 stock market decline. You’ve heardrepparttar 151108 news reports and said to yourself “ I’m glad I am not obsessed with money likerepparttar 151109 rest ofrepparttar 151110 country.” The question you should be pondering is “Why is our country obsessed withrepparttar 151111 stock market?”

The stock market representsrepparttar 151112 bedrock of American society – capitalism. The stock Suppose an individual invested $1000 a year every year from 1925 to 2000 in companies that revolutionizedrepparttar 151113 20th century – AT&T, Ford, General Motors –, their estate would have grown to more than $$69,559,828. (This assumes no additional deposits and an average rate of return of 12.70%)

The average American enjoys enormous accumulation of wealth/capital/money viarepparttar 151114 stock market. This wealth/capital/money has given them freedom; hence they are very concerned aboutrepparttar 151115 upward and downward spiral ofrepparttar 151116 market.

You are thinking “Freedom?! How can money bring freedom? We have freedom given to us byrepparttar 151117 Constitution.” Yes, we have implied freedom, yetrepparttar 151118 magnitude of freedom an individual or family enjoys can be directly related to their wealth ranking in society. This philosophy has been fundamental in America.

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