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Are you an existentialist? Yes, it’s possible to be one and not even know it. But more than likely if you are one, you knowrepparttar philosophy well. Here’s what you know.

Existentialism is a philosophical movement stressing individual existence and holding that human beings are totally free and responsible for their acts—according to Webster’s New World Dictionary (Wiley Publishing, Inc. 2003). But for those who are unfamiliar withrepparttar 137047 movement, have I given you sufficient information? If not, listen up.

I picked up again an old text book that was assigned to me in graduate school many years ago. I blewrepparttar 137048 dust offrepparttar 137049 covers and read parts of it again. Why? I did so because, in my opinion, there is too much bad philosophy attaching itself to modern day Christianity. For example, my son came home recently from Oklahoma State University where he is a freshman, studying business. He is finishingrepparttar 137050 year with final exams and shows me his philosophy papers. He is studying Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy. You may recall that Nietzsche told us inrepparttar 137051 late 1800’s that God is dead and that we killed Him. This is bad philosophy. I ache that a school like OSU focuses a major part of a philosophy course on Nietzsche’s failed teachings. History proved him wrong—Communism, Nazism, andrepparttar 137052 Jewish Holocaust—are all products of Nietzsche’s philosophy.

Because I ached, I went back to my old philosophy books to reread some ofrepparttar 137053 terrible philosophies. Believe it or not, some of these bad philosophies are still circulating today and being touted as good Christian doctrine. I want to advise you regarding some ofrepparttar 137054 subtle teachings of Existentialism and let you decide whether or not it is good doctrine forrepparttar 137055 Church. Here goes.

The book I’m borrowing from is entitled, Existentialism and Christian Belief—A Frank Appraisal of a Modern-Day Philosophy, by Milton D. Hunnex (Moody Press 1969). I want to quote from his first chapter entitled, “A New Reformation or a New Religion?” In this chapter he critiques Bishop John A. T. Robinson’s book, Honest to God, a 1963 book that led a revolt against traditional Christianity. Robinson comparesrepparttar 137056 movement of Existentialism torepparttar 137057 powerful forces triggered by Martin Luther duringrepparttar 137058 Reformation. This is hogwash. And I think you will agree.

Robinson advocates thatrepparttar 137059 new movement will replace traditional Christianity in a matter of time. Hunnex responds, “What is developing before our eyes today could be finally more significant thanrepparttar 137060 revolt inrepparttar 137061 sixteenth century. That revolt sought to restore New Testament Christianity on its own terms. The revolt today seeks instead to restate Christianity in nonsupernatural, secular terms. It is a revolt againstrepparttar 137062 God of authority andrepparttar 137063 Bible, againstrepparttar 137064 God of traditional Christianity. ‘That God must die,’ Robinson writes, ‘If man is to live.’ He is ‘intellectually superfluous, emotionally dispensable, and morally intolerable.’ The new Christian looks to a post-Christian faith forrepparttar 137065 future based on existentialism and universalism asrepparttar 137066 basic philosophical moods. Christian belief has no part of it. Christian belief is an anachronism. It must be abandoned together withrepparttar 137067 rest ofrepparttar 137068 past, Robinson contends.”

Homeopathy and Sex

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


It is a wonderful thing to haverepparttar Joy of Learning and to make a career that you find is related to your studies. There are so many ways to get a Doctor label and thus claim expertise inrepparttar 136996 many fields and disciplines which we have broken knowledge into. Some of this is counter to real expertise and much of it just sets people apart from knowledge and each other. But people are also being segmented into classes withinrepparttar 136997 hierarchy of government backed by and for elites in all so many ways. Medicine has been one of their more dastardly tools alongside religion. This next little factoid reminds me of how Edward Gibbon almost died becauserepparttar 136998 British Medical system would not approve vaccinations through use of scabs as had been done byrepparttar 136999 likes of Paracelsus or others in antiquity and which was approved inrepparttar 137000 France of his era.

“Whenrepparttar 137001 Cholera epidemic reached England, it provided another opportunity to compare homeopathic treatment withrepparttar 137002 conventional methods ofrepparttar 137003 day. Regular allopathic medicine yielded a mortality rate of 59 percent compared to only 16 percent forrepparttar 137004 Homeopaths. (1) When these statistics were collected,repparttar 137005 information was so startling that a medical commission was sent torepparttar 137006 London Homeopathic Hospital to checkrepparttar 137007 records. Thoughrepparttar 137008 data were duly verified, it was decided not to make them public, andrepparttar 137009 facts were not released until a hundred years later.” (2)

The formation ofrepparttar 137010 American Medical Association is a major issue against alternative healing or real care for people. Inrepparttar 137011 late 19th Century as these issues were becoming apparent there were many who knew thatrepparttar 137012 allopaths or medical doctors selling laudanum andrepparttar 137013 like were actuallyrepparttar 137014 ‘Killing-trade’. There are signs that stress management (don’t fret – sweat or exercise) andrepparttar 137015 connectiveness torepparttar 137016 ‘all’ around us are again making a play to be considered in health maintenance. Vitamins and supplements are able to prove to evenrepparttar 137017 most duped person receiving medical care that they work and yet some doctor’s groups andrepparttar 137018 governments that back them still disqualify doctors who advise their usage.

Academics are subject to a ‘Knowledge Filter’ (Berkeley Law Professor – Johnson) or Literary Theory (UBC English Professor Graham Good) andrepparttar 137019 outright suppression of creative or thoughtful and meaningful potentials. (3) The concept of Bucky Fuller called 'the observer ofrepparttar 137020 observed' and his more detailed 'creative realization' is part of what operates as we ‘project’ upon reality. For examplerepparttar 137021 things we see are actually a mixture of fields of energy fromrepparttar 137022 dross and less excited torepparttar 137023 highly excited or vibrational energy insiderepparttar 137024 atomic structures. One way of visualizing this includes an aura, which isrepparttar 137025 field of energy not usually visible but associated withrepparttar 137026 solar body and integrative centers called chakras. Perhaps we could contemplate a time when all people hadrepparttar 137027 ability to see or sense auras. In our socially normed 'projections' that include telling our children certain things do not exist, we have lostrepparttar 137028 conscious integration or incorporation of these fields of reality.

Psychic surgeons inrepparttar 137029 Philippines and Brazil have had their energy measured during operations atrepparttar 137030 same vibration rate of 7.8 cycles. It started me thinking about how we can alter our state and how others might perceive us in these altered states. Clearly if anyone could see allrepparttar 137031 spaces between our electrons andrepparttar 137032 nuclei or betweenrepparttar 137033 different atoms and molecules we wouldn't seem solid by a long shot. Thus these surgeons who use no utensils would be able to energizerepparttar 137034 infected or diseased body part or tumor to remove it at an altered vibration level. There have been solid documentaries with such credible support as X-rays before a San Francisco businessman had such a tumor removed and X-rays a year later showing it hadn't returned. Inrepparttar 137035 end you must decide who hasrepparttar 137036 most to gain fromrepparttar 137037 arguments and whether or not you want to actualize your own potential. Once you do a few thingsrepparttar 137038 debunkers say are impossible - then a smile will come to your face; andrepparttar 137039 intellectual conflict loses all import.

String Theory knows aboutrepparttar 137040 harmonic forces that are less than solid which somehow combine to make what we perceive as a solid. The astrophysicists now have told us that 95% ofrepparttar 137041 universe is 'Dark Matter' or ‘Dark Energy’ - so get with it before you are invisible and don't know it! Just kidding! We fear that which we cannot fully comprehend and our experts or priests and doctors include many enablers of our fears. We even allow fear to pre-empt love; which is ironic because atrepparttar 137042 end of our lives it’s notrepparttar 137043 fears orrepparttar 137044 differences that matterrepparttar 137045 most but whether we loved and allowed ourselves to be loved as much as possible.

“Every new perception of knowledge is always based either directly or indirectly on older knowledge. InteliTapping allows us to connect withrepparttar 137046 oldest, yet most complete source of knowledge.” (4)

Nature produced a show onrepparttar 137047 origins of music andrepparttar 137048 biological and archetypal impact it has had on our evolution and emotional wherewithal. Along with reed instruments from as long ago as 60,000 years that obviously show sophisticated development of technology, they hadrepparttar 137049 cave operas of those who rubbed and drummed on stalactites. They posited thatrepparttar 137050 tree-swinging hominid that likerepparttar 137051 Sumatran Gibbon co-ordinates community for protection through territorial chants, is not so much less aware as most of our great Lockean influenced academics seem to be. These animals also learned what plants are dangerous and what plants alter your spiritual consciousness. You can see it when your puppy goes outside forrepparttar 137052 first time and chews on some grass to settle its tummy. Our genes contain a lot of information orrepparttar 137053 ability to tap-in to much knowledge. The buzz you get from ‘weed’ isrepparttar 137054 buzz coming from your Thalami and Third Eye or Pineal gland that has a crystal radio receiver and grains or crystalline structures. Crystalline structures like quartz were known to be useful inrepparttar 137055 Lost Chord ofrepparttar 137056 Druids and more ancient shamans. There are magnificent quartz caves in Central America and other places that would have been used by early hominids for a certainty. The Best Body Language – Sex:

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