Exercises For Your Fingers (Basic Piano Drills)

Written by Ismael D. Tabije

Upon hearingrepparttar word piano,repparttar 110055 very first thing that pops into your mind isrepparttar 110056 set of black and white keys. Anybody can playrepparttar 110057 piano believe me. You don't necessarily need to go to music schools or hire certified music instructors to tell you how to pound those keys and play a song. You can be your own teacher as long as you haverepparttar 110058 interest andrepparttar 110059 eagerness to learn then it wouldn't be so difficult.

All you need is a piano, song lyrics with chords and a piano chord chart. Play any of your favorite songs onrepparttar 110060 piano just like you do on a guitar. Learning to playrepparttar 110061 piano through chords is notrepparttar 110062 traditional learning procedure. You will still meet musical terms, read notes and other symbols but not through hectic musical lessons.

Playingrepparttar 110063 piano through chords is easy and fun. But how do you really start pressing those keys? First, of course, you must know and familiarizerepparttar 110064 piano. This is because you need to acquaint yourself withrepparttar 110065 middle "C" orrepparttar 110066 middle "do" which isrepparttar 110067 main key onrepparttar 110068 keyboard. The middle "C" isrepparttar 110069 white key located beforerepparttar 110070 two black keys inrepparttar 110071 middle ofrepparttar 110072 keyboard. Note that every white key onrepparttar 110073 left side of every two black keys is calledrepparttar 110074 "C" orrepparttar 110075 "do", but you have to look forrepparttar 110076 middle "C" or "do".

Now that you know aboutrepparttar 110077 middle "C" orrepparttar 110078 middle "do", you have to knowrepparttar 110079 names ofrepparttar 110080 rest ofrepparttar 110081 keys. No, don't worry, you won't have a hard time namingrepparttar 110082 allrepparttar 110083 keys. As mentioned earlier, every white key onrepparttar 110084 left side of every two black keys is calledrepparttar 110085 "C" orrepparttar 110086 "do". A group is composed of a of two black keys, three black keys and seven white keys. It will then depend onrepparttar 110087 length of your keyboard on how many groups it would have. Try dividingrepparttar 110088 keys of your keyboards according torepparttar 110089 keys. Then you are now ready to get to know each key on each group.

Remember thatrepparttar 110090 each group would start with "C" or "do". Thenrepparttar 110091 succeeding white keys takerepparttar 110092 letters D, E, F, G, A and B or re, mi, fa, sol, la and ti. You have now named all ofrepparttar 110093 white keys. The black keys arerepparttar 110094 flats andrepparttar 110095 sharps. The technique to determinerepparttar 110096 flats andrepparttar 110097 sharps is to know their position. Ifrepparttar 110098 black key is found atrepparttar 110099 left of every white key, then it is a flat. Ifrepparttar 110100 black key is found atrepparttar 110101 right side of every white key, it is a sharp. For example,repparttar 110102 black key nearest torepparttar 110103 middle C is at its right side,repparttar 110104 black key then is named as C sharp or do #. The C# then could take another name since it is also found atrepparttar 110105 left side of D orrepparttar 110106 "re" key. The same goes forrepparttar 110107 other black keys. There'srepparttar 110108 "D" or "re" sharp which isrepparttar 110109 same key for "E" or "mi" flat. The "F" or "fa" sharp isrepparttar 110110 same as "G" or "so" flat. The "G" or "so" sharp is alsorepparttar 110111 "A" or "la" flat. Andrepparttar 110112 "A" or "la" sharp is alsorepparttar 110113 "B" or "ti" flat.

Humor Under The Keyboards

Written by Ismael D. Tabije

For me,repparttar piano isrepparttar 110054 symbol of what is stiff, proper and elegant. It doesn't have faults, it is perfect. Pianists arerepparttar 110055 most perfectionist people inrepparttar 110056 world. They should not and can not make mistakes especially when performing. That is how I viewedrepparttar 110057 piano andrepparttar 110058 pianists. But then, I just found out I was wrong. A few researches and I have once again proven that appearances can be deceiving.

The pianists we see play appear to berepparttar 110059 most formal and respectable stars onrepparttar 110060 stage. They holdrepparttar 110061 power andrepparttar 110062 breath ofrepparttar 110063 audiences. They could look intimidating in their formal suits not to mentionrepparttar 110064 authority andrepparttar 110065 air of arrogance they exude while on stage. They can be captivating.

But before we forget, these pianists are also human. And humans do make mistakes. Most of these mistakes can be frustrating and depressing. But then, there are also mistakes that are amusing and could also be totally hilarious. It shows how fun could be inserted even inrepparttar 110066 most seemingly stuffy and proper event.

Here are some examples:

When asked for their definition of a piano, some famous musicians and musical enthusiasts have some famous replies:

•For David W. Barber (The Musician's Dictionary), a piano is a cumbersome piece of furniture found in many homes, where playing it ensuresrepparttar 110067 early departure of unwanted guests.

•Piano (n.) is a parlor utensil for subduingrepparttar 110068 impertinent visitor. It is operated by depressingrepparttar 110069 keys ofrepparttar 110070 machine andrepparttar 110071 spirits ofrepparttar 110072 audience, according to Ambrose Bierce, an American journalist (The Devil's Dictionary). •A piano tuner is a person employed to come intorepparttar 110073 home, rearrangerepparttar 110074 furniture, and annoyrepparttar 110075 cat. The tuner's chief purpose is to ascertainrepparttar 110076 breaking point ofrepparttar 110077 piano's strings. Though these definitions may sound humorous, you can never missrepparttar 110078 ironies in it. Coming from people who live and breatherepparttar 110079 piano, these definitions seem odd. Here's more - when asked about their secrets in playing, you would certainly be surprised at how simple their secrets can be, and definitely applicable. •Australian pianist Artur Schnabel said, "I always make sure thatrepparttar 110080 lid overrepparttar 110081 keyboard is open before I start to play". •"Nothing soothes me more after a long and maddening course of pianoforte recitals than to sit and have my teeth drilled", said George Bernard Shaw, a writer and a music critic.

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