Exercise and weight loss for life Ė The magic formula doctorís donít want you to know!

Written by Greg Ryan - High profile fitness expert!


The health clubs are always racking their brains trying to figure out why they have such a hard time keeping members coming back. Most owners would argue that cash flow and profit margins arerepparttar most important reason to retain membership. Yes, but what drives customers to these health clubs?

These owners have lost touch with what matters most,repparttar 148652 customer! Giverepparttar 148653 customer more than they expect and they will continue to do business with you. Selling a product or service is about people more so than numbers on a spreadsheet.


I want you to think of this principle in your workout. You know it is very easy to get burdened down with allrepparttar 148654 details of an exercise and diet program. While guidelines are necessary, at times focusing too much onrepparttar 148655 numbers can and will set you up for failure.

You may start to think all this counting calories, reps, and keeping track of heart rates are too much to accomplish. Unexpectedly, you start to lose sight of your goals and it becomes more of a job than a hobby or stress release. You may even quit exercising. This can be an immediate sinkhole for you.

It would be unrealistic to think you are not going to have some tough days. Itís hard getting in shape. It takes determination and discipline. More importantly, it takes looking over those down days torepparttar 148656 end goal. Do not get too worked up about hitting allrepparttar 148657 numbers onrepparttar 148658 charts allrepparttar 148659 time.

ATTITUDE #2: ITíS BEING SOLD OUT! The only way you will follow through on an exercise program is to be sold out. The military calls them ďlifers.Ē These are people who are committed to something forrepparttar 148660 long haul. Are you a lifer? Could you be a lifer?

A lifer has a sold out mindset. He or she realizes that there will be potholes to go through; there may even be a sinkhole up ahead, but they get through it or they go aroundrepparttar 148661 situation. It may take support from others, but it gets done. You may not be a lifer today, but you could be if you donít make changes now!


I was named Mr. Michigan inrepparttar 148662 statewide bodybuilding contest in 1988. When I competed in bodybuilding contests, it took me a good month to decide if I really wanted to go for that particular goal. The decision process was well thought out. I realizedrepparttar 148663 days ahead would bring doubt, frustration, pain, and at times, humility. There is a sense of relief that comes with making a decision. Perhaps because once that decision is made, allrepparttar 148664 pressure is off.

Do Hurricanes Affect Weight Loss? Weathering the storm!

Written by Greg Ryan

Do you know this year Florida will go through a surge in baby births? Think about it! More time spent inside last year. Thatís what it boils down to with more babies this year. Fear motivation makes people bond in order to weatherrepparttar storm. Sometimes, Mother Nature in her on little way brings people together.

Can hurricanes affect your weight loss goals? You bet it can! The obvious answer is, you are inside more, sorepparttar 148651 temptation to over eat is greater. The other way hurricanes affect losing weight is from an emotional level.

Storms can make us feel out of control, overwhelmed, and darn right scared. In search of security and control we turn to food for stability, comfort, and trust. Only to realize later all is well which ends well. Can we overcome such temptations isrepparttar 148652 much larger question? Sure we can. It will take some pre-planning, decision making and transfer of emotions.

Pre-planning: When you go out and get what you need to strengthen your home fromrepparttar 148653 winds and rain. Get what you need atrepparttar 148654 grocery store to strengthen your body. You know that more time inside is going to increase your appetite. In anticipation of that, get more foods than normal inrepparttar 148655 better- for- you category. At least if you are going eat more in calories,repparttar 148656 calories will be better for you. Or inrepparttar 148657 very least lower in fat.

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