Exercise Smarter Not Harder 10 ways to make consistent progress all the time in your exercise plan!

Written by Greg Ryan Fitness Expert

My name is Greg Ryan. I am a fitness expert, professional bodybuilder personal, trainer to movie stars, and former employee of Kathy Smith. For twenty years I have been able to keep my body fat levels lower than most, and consistently exercise five days a week, and having fun inrepparttar mean time. Not because I am anything special, but because I have learned a few tricks alongrepparttar 151214 way, that I would like to share with you. Start incorporating them into your plan today and noticerepparttar 151215 difference tomorrow.

1.Set a time limit on all your workouts. Endrepparttar 151216 workout if you run over. 2.Exercise larger muscle groups beforerepparttar 151217 smaller ones. I.e... Back, Legs and Chest before shoulders and arms. 3.Change your workout plan up every twelve to fourteen weeks.

Lose Weight This Weekend - Less Is More When You Eat With All 5 Senses

Written by Carol Solomon, Ph.D.

If you want to lose weight this weekend, where do you start?

One answer is to eat by using all 5 senses. Mindful eating is eating with all 5 senses-evenrepparttar one that historically gets us in trouble--sight.

You've heardrepparttar 151213 expression-your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

No problem.

When you learn to feel your stomach, get connected to yourself and rely on your own body's feedback, it won't matter.

I often take a big plate of food, especially at a buffet (ugh!) or a social gathering if I am hungry. But because I have taught myself to eat mindfully and can now feel when I am full, I rarely eat it all. I always feel fully satisfied because I know that I can eat again whenever I want. I don't forbid myself to eat, so there is no power struggle around eating.

This mental shift frees me to say yes or no to food without guilt. It's a shift that may be difficult for you to make because of fear, because you haven't learned to trust yourself yet. It will come.

And it all starts with mindful eating. By eating with all 5 senses-you *see*repparttar 151214 colors and textures, *taste*repparttar 151215 sweetness, *hear*repparttar 151216 crunch, *smell*repparttar 151217 coffee. When you enjoy your experience down to your bones, you are nurturing yourself-this is a good thing.

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