Exercise Resistance! - The secret barriers that prevent weight loss.

Written by Greg Ryan

Getting started on an exercise program is one thing. Staying on one is much more of a challenge. We have all been there. New Years Eve is here and wham! Instant motivation! It is only a small percentage however that sticks with it. Why? When you hearrepparttar term exercise resistance you of course think of strength training with weights, don't you? Well, it can mean something else too.

The phrase, "Exercise Resistance" or ER was coined inrepparttar 148426 mid 90’s to mean a conscious or unconscious block against participating in a regular active program. Studies show that some people have barriers built up from past experiences that give them a negative mindset toward exercise and food. In many cases, this prevents a person from starting or following through on an exercise program. This is more of an emotional feeling that controls a behavior more than anything.

I thoughtrepparttar 148427 golden years were supposed to be filled with relaxing things to do, not more activities I usually put off

Weight Loss - It's NOT about the numbers - It's your Approach!

Written by Greg Ryan

Today obesity, diabetes and heart disease runs through us at epidemic levels, Why? The answer lies not inrepparttar thousands of different kinds of diet, weight loss and workout programs offered,repparttar 148388 answer lies inrepparttar 148389 approach. But, no one wants to talk about that. Do you ever wonder why that is?

Do we not want to know, or could it have something to do withrepparttar 148390 doctor’s and those inrepparttar 148391 fitness industry not wanting to explainrepparttar 148392 best approach to us? Maybe they don’t even knowrepparttar 148393 right way themselves? Deep down we want and need too know. Why do I say this? Twenty years of managing health clubs and dealing with doctor’s tells me, that if they told you this, then there may be a chance you would not need them. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. But, true!


“While exercise and eating guidelines are based on good scientific principles, they do not go along with human nature or common sense. Recent history is telling us this; we are better off with encouragingrepparttar 148394 mediocre people who are willing to include exercise in their daily lives, rather than cramming guidelines down throats that are far beyondrepparttar 148395 reach ofrepparttar 148396 majority of people. Inrepparttar 148397 end, keeping things simple combined with support usually works better.” Greg Ryan From his e-book: “Just MOVE it,” www.resolutions.bz

Overrepparttar 148398 years most of us who are out of shape and want to lose a few pounds and feel a little better about ourselves, developed many different behaviors toward exercise and food. Some are good ones, but most are just barriers we have built in our minds. I guess you could also chalk it up to pure laziness.

However,repparttar 148399 bottom line is we are going to continue down repparttar 148400 path of destruction until someone comes up with a plan to help people deal withrepparttar 148401 reasons behind such behaviors.

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