Exercise Nutrition: How To Keep That Energy Up!

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

How many times has this happened to you?

>> You psych yourself up mentally (you are GOING to do it!)

>> You donrepparttar outfit (you can practically feelrepparttar 135886 energy flowing through your veins!)

>> You lace uprepparttar 135887 running shoes (Nike: Just Do It - thatís you.)

>> You grab your towel (because ANYONE SERIOUS needs a towel).

Then itís time.

Itís time to sweat. Itís time to burnrepparttar 135888 evil fat from your body. You facerepparttar 135889 treadmill (or stair climber, or rowing machine, or exercise video withrepparttar 135890 perky aerobics instructor on it).

And you start.

You warm up, and start moving faster and faster. The sweat starts to pour. The blood is pumping. Man, you are burning! That size 2 exercise instructor is going to look like a whale compared to you when you get through!

The adrenaline hits your blood and you feel GREAT! You could exercise forever! In fact maybe you will exercise forever!

Your time winds down. Ok, maybe youíd better slow down, no sense in going TOO crazy here. The cool down sure feels good. You turn offrepparttar 135891 treadmill, orrepparttar 135892 exercise video and head torepparttar 135893 shower.

Then it hits you.


You feel like you want to die, or at least sleep for about 12 hours. You go throughrepparttar 135894 day craving anything you can easily grab: anything edible or, depending on how good it looks, anything at all. Nutritional value? Who cares!

But nothing seems to satisfy you and you could swear that youíve just eaten allrepparttar 135895 calories you burned during exercise PLUS more!

What wasrepparttar 135896 point in exercising at all if you go through your day tired and eating everything in sight? It was just a waste of your time and a stress on your body for nothing right?

Well, not necessarily, not if you can learn from it. Here's how to avoidrepparttar 135897 above experience when exercising:

1) Check Your Hydration Levels

(I know not really excitingóbut it will do wonders!!)

The average adult loses 10-12 cups of water a day (thatís not including water we lose from exercise, caffeine, etc).

Itís estimated that approx 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated. And even MILD dehydration will slow down oneís metabolism as much as 3%.

And hereísrepparttar 135898 key, all you exercisers: Lack of water isrepparttar 135899 #1 trigger of daytime fatigue!!!! Unfortunately this fatigue often gets mistaken for hunger and we eat more than we need in a desperate effort to get that water back into our bodies.

What Iím Giving Up for Lent?

Written by Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT

This past week being lent andrepparttar opening of The Passion of Christ (which I probably wonít see, mostly because I canít bear watching physical violence and Iíd be a total wreck during and afterwards). Though I am one who abandonedrepparttar 135885 Catholicism I was raised in, it does still haunt me. Donít worry Iím not going off into religious rantings. Ö Having recovered from my trials and tribulations of January I headed into February with a revived passionate verve. I was finally overrepparttar 135886 lingering cold and ready for action. I broke intorepparttar 135887 workout regime, gently not expecting too much of myself after an almost 3 week hiatus. The passion was glowing, a light ember within. Asrepparttar 135888 week wore on and I continued to beat my expectations. I tried a little harder and while I was at it added a new cardio regime called High Intensity Interval Training. It is exactly what it sounds like and it can be accomplished in 20 minutes. (I explain it in further detail inrepparttar 135889 next article) Now one client in particular to whom I will giverepparttar 135890 name Jackie has been working with me since late summer and while making excellent fitness gains has not lostrepparttar 135891 weight she has set out to. In fact she has gained a pound or two. So while working out this new cardio regime I invited Jackie to join me Withrepparttar 135892 cold weather still lingering, we tended to use her gym more often than not, which is why no one else has been invited. So week one Jackie and I do cardio 3-4 times as well asrepparttar 135893 workout regime. The second week yours truly is feeling infallible. My passion is a red hot ember and Iím out to saverepparttar 135894 fitness world. If Jackie isnít getting motivated to do her cardio one day I jump in and do more to get Jackie fired up. The upshot of Debs passion being, Deb works out 3 times plus 6cardio days, Jackie 2 workouts +2 cardio. For all my efforts I now have a low grade cold again and have to take myself out ofrepparttar 135895 workouts for an entire week. I was just trying to do my best and be my best and I ended up flagellated. I realize now I canít saverepparttar 135896 fitness industry.

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