Exercise – More is NOT better!

Written by Greg Ryan - High Profile Fitness Expert!

Years ago when I was a professional bodybuilder, I fell intorepparttar mindset thatrepparttar 149020 more I exercised,repparttar 149021 less fat I ate,repparttar 149022 better I would look and feel. Atrepparttar 149023 time this seemed likerepparttar 149024 logical thing to do. And maybe in my mind that was correct. However, from my bodies stand point, this was NOTrepparttar 149025 thing to do, nor was it healthy.

If you have exercised for any length of time, chances are you too have fallen into this mind trap. If I walk thirty minutes and burn three hundred calories, then I will walk an hour and burn twice as many. If I eat thirty grams of fat a day and lose two pounds, then I will eat ten grams a day and lose four pounds. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

While your mind might be able to take that, your body can not. You see this with a lot with people. Out ofrepparttar 149026 blue they just hit a wall. Their bodies all of a sudden just say, “That’s it, I done- no more!” I believe exercising efficiently in less time will do more for you inrepparttar 149027 long run than trying to do more inrepparttar 149028 short run.

If you over exercise, your body gets to the

The Effects of Creatine Supplements on Your Body

Written by Hamoon Arbabi

The skeletal muscle component known as creatine is not only available as creatine supplement. Several other sources besides creatine supplement can benefit us withrepparttar effects of creatine. Firstly, creatine is produced naturally inrepparttar 148953 body through amino acid action, which occurs when food is processed. Glycine, arginine and methionine acids work in combination withinrepparttar 148954 liver and kidneys to produce creatine. If natural creatine levels need to be elevated for any reason it is possible to do so by taking a creatine supplement. Our food intake is another way to enjoyrepparttar 148955 full effects of creatine. Fish, meat and poultry all contain creatine. When combining creatine supplement withrepparttar 148956 correct nutrition and exercise,repparttar 148957 full muscle enhancing effects of creatine supplement can be seen. An intake of creatine supplement has been shown to increaserepparttar 148958 available muscle energy. Body cells store energy in a molecular form called Adenosine TriPhosphate, or ATP. A creatine supplement aids these ATP activities. The amount of work achieved byrepparttar 148959 muscles is in direct relation torepparttar 148960 amount of ATP available in storage. Taking a creatine supplement ensures smooth muscular function. By decreasingrepparttar 148961 regeneration time of ATP, creatine supplement can help sustainrepparttar 148962 force generated during an intense work out. Energy levels quickly rise when ATP is restored by creatine supplement. Readily available energy is released on demand by creatine supplement for extreme physical exertions. The effects of creatine supplement are then felt as stamina is increased. Athletes working with weight lifting and sprint training benefit from creatine supplement due to this energy availability. Greater physical endurance and increased peak power strength arerepparttar 148963 result of creatine supplement. Because creatine supplement creates a cellular environment conducive to improved muscle growthrepparttar 148964 effects of creatine are increased performance ability. Muscles are filled and hardened by creatine supplement and they stay pumped for longer, provingrepparttar 148965 effects of creatine.

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