Exchange Links but Carefully

Written by Mufad

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There are several factors that determinerepparttar 119372 benefit that you get when you exchange links with any website. Sometimes you may be giving away some of your hard earned PR (Page Rank) without getting it back in return. While it is debatable ifrepparttar 119373 primary purpose of exchanges isrepparttar 119374 traffic orrepparttar 119375 PR gain, a combination of both these motivations is usually present when we exchange links. Apart fromrepparttar 119376 direct traffic, some ofrepparttar 119377 other factors that help to determinerepparttar 119378 value of an incoming link are

1> The PR and number of links The higherrepparttar 119379 PR ofrepparttar 119380 page linking to your site,repparttar 119381 betterrepparttar 119382 link in general. The PR that a page has, gets distributed between allrepparttar 119383 links on that page, sorepparttar 119384 PR andrepparttar 119385 number of links together should be used to determinerepparttar 119386 worth of a link. You can userepparttar 119387 PR Checker tool at to comparerepparttar 119388 pr transfer figures, this tool provides an exact value forrepparttar 119389 estimated pr transfer based on a presumed formula.

2> Direct or Redirected Link Some sites like to keep track of which link gets how many clicks. Many people believe that this will preventrepparttar 119390 PR from flowing; generally this is true but not always. A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect which does not passrepparttar 119391 PR, where as a 301 permanent redirect allowsrepparttar 119392 PR to flow. For example, seerepparttar 119393 google back links at you will find that allrepparttar 119394 links are redirected from - This is true for all our ebooks for sale at - Sorepparttar 119395 point I am making is that not all redirected links are bad. The HTTP Headers tool inrepparttar 119396 IP Toolbox at can be used to find out ifrepparttar 119397 redirect is a 301 or 302. It is a good idea to allowrepparttar 119398 partner webmasterrepparttar 119399 choice of a direct link or a redirected link as done at our link submission page for our links directory at

3> Meta Tags The robots meta tags determines if a page will be indexed byrepparttar 119400 searchengine or not. Ifrepparttar 119401 page linking to you has a meta tag like then there is no use of a link from that page

Building Link Popularity As Easy As 123

Written by Matt Colyer

The most difficult area of SEO is building link popularity. You may be thinking why? Because there are no easy ways to build link popularity. In this article I will tell you how to get links and how to find them.

First thing you must do is find a web site that you would like to trade links with. How do you find them? You can join link exchanges like or you can searchrepparttar search engine with keywords related to your site. Remember RELATED sites only! Let's say your site is about cars, so you would search with keywords like car body repair, car, SUVS, trucks, vans, etc or let's say your site is about games, so you would search with keywords like checkers, card games, chess, online games, etc. Now that you know what to do go and search for sites RELATED to yours and ask for a link exchange.

You could send them this email below if you like.

Dear (Put there name here),

Thanks for takingrepparttar 119367 time to read my email.

My name is (Put your full name here), I came cross your site today while I was searching on AOL and really like your site. I loverepparttar 119368 (put something here you like about there site here). Your site and our site is somewhatrepparttar 119369 same, so I was wondering if you would like to exchange links with our site (put your URL here). Our site is about (put what your site is about here).

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