Examples of Disaster Recovery

Written by Richard Lowe

One of my first tasks when I was hired ten years ago was to investigaterepparttar creation of a disaster recovery site for our mainframe computer systems. I had already had some experiences with disasters and recovery. Here are some examples of a few that we included in our plans.

Major Earthquake - Those of us who live in California understand earthquakes. I've personally been through at least five significant quakes (6.8 or greater) without suffering any damage at all. In many people's mind, a major earthquake isrepparttar 107853 disaster scenario.

One dayrepparttar 107854 "big one" will come (in California) and who knows what will happen at that time. In fact, my boss and I were able to convincerepparttar 107855 CEO of our company to create a "hot site" (a duplicate site which is already ready to take over inrepparttar 107856 event of a disaster) because of a recent significant earthquake.

One ofrepparttar 107857 first things that we did is contact Caltech (the experts on earthquakes) to commission a study to determine where we should place our disaster site. The primary criteria was thatrepparttar 107858 site be relatively close (within 50 miles) but on a different geologic plate sorepparttar 107859 earthquake would not flatten both locations.

As we studiedrepparttar 107860 possibility of this disaster, we realized thatrepparttar 107861 building and computers might emerge fromrepparttar 107862 earthquake entirely intact, butrepparttar 107863 infrastructure (power, phone lines and so forth) might be destroyed. In addition, a major earthquake is a unique disaster because it's more likely that your people will be in complete shock and more interested in their families and homes than in restoring your computer operations.

The thing to do here is be sure you've gotrepparttar 107864 infrastructure issues covered cold. This includes phones, power andrepparttar 107865 network. Make sure you have a disaster site (or very good backups kept off-site) ready to go. Rehearse your disaster plan, and make sure your people know what to do.

Minor Earthquake - A minor earthquake might be easy to survive (we've been through several of them with no issues) and it might introduce some interesting quirks on it's own. The power might be out, phone lines might be down and take weeks to repair, andrepparttar 107866 general infrastructure (roads, food shipments and so on) might be disabled. In addition, earthquakes tend to put people into a state of shock, so it might be difficult to get people to recover and get back to work.

Biological Event - When envelops fill of anthrax started appearing onrepparttar 107867 news, we were suddenly confronted with a new type of disaster. What if a biological attack or event occurred in our building? What ifrepparttar 107868 receptionist opened an envelop contaminated with anthrax? We would then be confronted with a unique situation. The building would be sealed and off-limited for days, weeks or even months; and we would not be allowed back in under any conditions for any reason for that time.

Keep Computer Training Simple… Please!!

Written by Roger Younce

Have you ever hadrepparttar experience of going to a computer training center and realized how much computer stuff you don't know? I know when I started inrepparttar 107852 computer industry inrepparttar 107853 early 90's I had trouble just remembering my password after 15 minutes of one-on- one instruction, much less howrepparttar 107854 computer actually worked. Let's face it, no one wakes up one day and says, I am a genius with this computer stuff. We all had to start some where and for most people, computers can be very confusing and intimidating. And that is where repparttar 107855 computer trainer comes in.

Oh yeah,repparttar 107856 computer trainer. The person that knows everything about computers and will make learning your new computer skills easy and quick. Yeah, right, fat chance of that happening. Have you ever visited a large computer training center and wondered why computers are so confusing forrepparttar 107857 client or student? The answer is usually because ofrepparttar 107858 computer trainer. Most trainers seemed to have forgotten what it was like when they first tackledrepparttar 107859 "wonder box". But over time, they developed magical knowledge that no one else seemed to have.

So why would someone with so much so-called smarts not want to share their knowledge with their students? The answer is very simple. It makes them look smarter. All they have to do is through out a couple of big fancy-smancy computer words torepparttar 107860 class and you are a genius. That is fine and dandy if a computer trainer wants to impress Bill Gates, but torepparttar 107861 new computer user that just pulled repparttar 107862 computer out ofrepparttar 107863 box or was told byrepparttar 107864 boss they better learn that computer stuff,repparttar 107865 trainer doesrepparttar 107866 student no good.

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