Exam Guides One - 5 Great Tips To Improve Your Strategy

Written by Michael Smoke

In order to do well on a exam, you must first have a good knowledge ofrepparttar information that is being examined. But, aside that, you must have a good strategy for takingrepparttar 135229 exam. This allows you to show what you know. This exam guide gives you some tips that will help you make a good strategy:


Test direction are very important, so read them carefully. Ask your teacher to explain any test direction that you do not understand. A good score onrepparttar 135230 exam is achieved only by following directions. If you don't follow directions, you won't be able to demonstrate what you know.


Examinerepparttar 135231 entire test in order to see how much you have to do, because, only by knowing it all you can break it down into parts more manageable for you. Time

Once you are done withrepparttar 135232 test examination, it's time for you to decide how much time you will spend on each item. If an item has different points, plan to spendrepparttar 135233 most time on items that count forrepparttar 135234 most points. A good planning of your time is especially important for essay test where you have to avoid spending too much time on one item and leave little time for other test items. Easiest First

Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Holistic Junction is delighted to presentrepparttar Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health asrepparttar 134881 featured school ofrepparttar 134882 week.

'...Committed to providing each student withrepparttar 134883 knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career as a professional massage therapist that is personally satisfying and financially rewarding...' Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health is accredited byrepparttar 134884 ACCSCT, authorized byrepparttar 134885 Nonpublic Post Secondary Educational Institutions Act of 1990, and a Member in good standing with AMTA and AMTA - Council of Schools. In addition to its multiple accreditations, Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alient sutdents, approved for VA Benefits, and is also approved byrepparttar 134886 US Dept. of Education to offer Federal Financial Aid to those who qualify.

Situated in historically scenic Atlanta, Georgia,repparttar 134887 'Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health offers a 750-hour entry-level certification program in Professional Massage Therapy.' The School's comprehensive curriculum includesrepparttar 134888 following:

* Anatomy, Physiology and Musculoskeletal Anatomy * Neuromuscular Therapy * AIDS Education * Kinesiology * Oriental Medicine * Myofascial Release * Stress Management * Body & Mind * Swedish Deep Massage * Reflexology * CPR & First Aid * Hydrotherapy * Chair Massage * Clinical Massage

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