Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Drinking Coffee

Written by Deb Voss Quail and Roxanne Vincent

After analyzing over 17,000 Dutch men and women, researchers recently concluded that those who drank seven or more cups of coffee a day were half as likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who drank two cups or less. The study was led by Rob van Dam while atrepparttar Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment in Bilthoven. Order another espresso for Mr. von Dam, please, while I finish my double cappuccino and expound onrepparttar 118199 array of knowledge learned from my bottomless-cup-of-coffee:

Good friendships are like good coffee; strong, stimulating, and addictive.

Coffee is a comfort food in nearly every culture. Therefore, travelrepparttar 118200 globe, drink espresso, and make international friends. Do your part for world peace.

Sleep is a side effect of caffeine deprivation. Drink coffee now.

Always tip generously atrepparttar 118201 coffee counter. They’ll remember you ... it matters.

Save on Gas Prices

Written by Rocky Ramsey


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Save on Gas Prices By Rocky Ramsey

With gas prices at an all-time high, I thought I'd share a website with you fromrepparttar 118200 Federal Trade Commission that gives several suggestions for saving gas. You can check outrepparttar 118201 site http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/autos/gasave.htm.

I thought about summarizing it for you, but after much reflection, I decided against it. I could've mentioned that if you have any extra weight in your car, you should get rid of it. This means thatrepparttar 118202 next time your mother-in-law wants to go somewhere with you, you can tell her she needs to stay home because you're trying to save gas and can't carry around any extra weight. And it would berepparttar 118203 truth.

Then there'srepparttar 118204 tip that you should inflate your tires torepparttar 118205 air pressure recommended by your owner's manual. I didn't mention this because I knew as soon as I did, I'd get an email likerepparttar 118206 following from Billy Bob Ray Bob. If you don't know Billy Bob Ray Bob, you probably know one of his relatives.

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