Everything's All Right in the Middle East

Written by Robert Levin

Can we, just for a minute, dispense withrepparttar hand-wringing and acknowledge thatrepparttar 125973 problem Israel andrepparttar 125974 Palestinians have with one another is actually their mutual solution torepparttar 125975 problem of being mortal? Of course to understand what I mean it is first necessary to recognize that it's not love or sex or money that makesrepparttar 125976 world go around butrepparttar 125977 fact of death; that what drives virtually everything we believe and do isrepparttar 125978 need to reduce, to at least a manageable degree of fear,repparttar 125979 terror and panicrepparttar 125980 anticipation of death causes us. (If you can't quite grasp this notion, if you have to be reminded that terror and panic constituterepparttar 125981 human default condition, then whatever you're believing and doing is working for you.)

Ofrepparttar 125982 myriad subtle and blatant ways we've come up with to make living with an impossible reality tolerable, one example would berepparttar 125983 symbolic immortality we assure ourselves of by leaving behind a scientific discovery, or a work of art, that will continue to have an influence onrepparttar 125984 world. Another isrepparttar 125985 accumulation of inordinate wealth. The god-like trappings great sums of money buy enable us to feel not just superior torepparttar 125986 common man, but less vulnerable torepparttar 125987 common fate. Still another is getting high, which is about getting aboverepparttar 125988 body that we know will one day be our undoing.

And then there's our invention of an afterlife. Presenting us with a chance to survive death—if we honorrepparttar 125989 pronouncements and followrepparttar 125990 dictates we've assigned to deities of our own fashioning—it's this immortality illusion that's atrepparttar 125991 heart ofrepparttar 125992 Arab-Israeli conflict. The Arabs are qualifying for eternity by doing what they've determined to be God's work, which is to make war on those who, ignoring or questioning His authority, are undermining His plan forrepparttar 125993 planet. And Israel, dropped inrepparttar 125994 Arab's midst, its diverse culture implicitly challengingrepparttar 125995 validity of Arab beliefs, providesrepparttar 125996 Arabs withrepparttar 125997 infidel they need to carry out their mission. For Arabs, it's not about killing Jews, per se. Jews are simply a fortuitously placed means to a purchase on heaven. (You could say that—their culture being, by all appearances, limited in its repertoire of immortality illusions torepparttar 125998 resources of Islam—suicide isrepparttar 125999 only instrument of self-perpetuation available torepparttar 126000 Palestinian terrorists.)

The Purpose of War

Written by Louise Sutherland

In today's world we have people who believe that everyone should live peacefully but we all know that this task is impossible because we are people. There will always be disagreements, dissappointments, unfairness andrepparttar list could go on and on. The question ofrepparttar 125972 purpose of war seems to only surface when there is a war. The question we should ask is where would this country be if we had no wars. Many believe that God does not agree with war butrepparttar 125973 master teacher inrepparttar 125974 Holy scriptures said we would have rumors of wars. Where ever you go inrepparttar 125975 world you will find battles. People battle in there minds, onrepparttar 125976 job, inrepparttar 125977 family, neighbrhoods, cities and countries. Where would this world be if people did not fight for what's right. There is an old saying that states "If you don't fight for something;you will fall for anything". Even though we lose loved ones in these wars,repparttar 125978 scarfices can produce

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