Everyone Wins With Reciprocal Link Exchange

Written by Sonya Gray

©2004 Sonya Gray

Many Webmasters are realizingrepparttar beauty of Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) when utilizing a popular technique known as Reciprocal Link Exchange. When exchanging links with other site owners, Webmasters are capitalizing on S.E.O's powerful effects.

The goal of most Webmasters is to generate as much traffic as possible in order to sell their products or promote their services. I have found, from personal experience, everyone who participates in exchanging links wins.

Plus, exchanging links is really easy to do. Here's how:

Look for sites that have rich content that will be of interest to your site visitors and look for sites that are relevant to your site. One ofrepparttar 119371 best search engines to look for content-rich, relevant links is Google.

For example, let's say you began a marketing campaign to search for businesses to link to in Google underrepparttar 119372 keywords "work from home". There are 13,300,000 sites that matchrepparttar 119373 keyword combination "work from home" and are possible link exchange partners.

Carefully look for a way to submit your link to their site. Some sites providerepparttar 119374 convenience of an online form that can be filled out to submit your link to their site.

Or, carefully look for contact info, i.e., an email address and emailrepparttar 119375 Webmaster with:

Your URL Title of your site Description of your site Category you want your site listed under (e.g., Business Opportunities) URL where their link can be found Your email address

Ifrepparttar 119376 Webmaster agrees (many won't, but some will), place a permanent link to their site somewhere on one of your pages and they will dorepparttar 119377 same for you.

Always go back torepparttar 119378 site in a week or so where you submitted your link to insure that your link is listed and active on their site, i.e., you can click on your link and go to your website. It does no good if you are placing a link on their site, but they are not doingrepparttar 119379 same for you. I have found most Webmasters are pretty good about exchanging links and most will contact you via email when your link has been added. Some won't. So it is a good idea to follow up and make sure your link is listed and active.

Making Reciprocal links Work For You

Written by Rob Wiley

Are you generating enough links back to your web site through a reciprocal link system?

This article will give you a couple of ideas of how you can get visitors to provide you with a link back to your site and make that reciprocal link work at its best.

Simply by having a links page may not be enough. Search engines are smarter and so are computer users. Every day new content is added torepparttar web that might be good or bad content. One ofrepparttar 119370 main functions of a search engine is to weed outrepparttar 119371 good fromrepparttar 119372 bad. So if you do have a simple "links page" make sure repparttar 119373 descriptions provided by your reciprocators are detailed enough forrepparttar 119374 engine to crawl and return good content. If your site is not a link directory, try to incorporate your links pages into your sites pages. Embedding links in pages that only pertain torepparttar 119375 content on that page. This will definitely get your page ranked higher compared to having links on a page with a bunch of other random links such as on a typical links page.

An idea you can use to generate links and links back to your site is by asking your visitors to reciprocate if they join your service, (as simple as subscribing to a monthly newsletter) making it a requirement. An example of this might be as follows:

You have patent an idea to create art from aluminum beer cans. Your art consist of various brands of beer. A piece of your art might consist of one brand or a variety of brands composed into a collogue. How to promote this novel idea? Offer other relating websites to provide your site with content. Explain to them that their content could be a promotion of their own site by means of an article or example of their services. Before they can give you content they must have a link located somewhere on their site. When you have visited their site to check for your link then you would post their content onto your site. You could create pages that contain an article like: "How to brew your own beer" written by recipicalwebsite.com. and on that page you would make sure that your aluminum beer can art has a nice blurb with a link to a detail page or “Purchase Art Here” page. You can see how this can lead into a three fold win-win situation.

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