Everyone Needs a BAG (Big Audacious Goal)

Written by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD

A Big Audacious Goal (BAG) is a clear and compelling catalyst that serves as a focal point for effort. Unlike smaller goals,repparttar BAG is something that is huge. It is challenging and in some ways seems impossible - but a BAG is also inspiring, compelling, and motivating.

Everyone needs a BAG. BAGs challenge us to be more than we are right now, and to tap into all of our resources. BAGs bring outrepparttar 137169 best in you by bringing all your talents torepparttar 137170 forefront. Goals are wonderful to have, but having that one Big Audacious Goal will makerepparttar 137171 biggest difference in helping you become who you were meant to be.

Throughout life we will have different BAGs. I have had several BAGs in my life; my most recent one was to complete my doctorate degree. It took me seven years, butrepparttar 137172 goal of achieving it was so compelling that I couldn't give up. According to Robert G. Allen a BAG, "Scares you, because you know you can't do it by yourself. It forces you to pushrepparttar 137173 envelope of your own beliefs and get massively creative."

Establishing Your Charisma Presence

Written by Charles H Smith

Establishing Your Charisma Presence

An integral piece of charisma is establishing a presence, so let's examine 3 ways to establish your charisma presence, that will clearly tell all around you "I'm a player and a force to be reckoned with!".

Your Mother Was Right: "Stand up Straight!"; "Head up!"; "Shoulders back!"; "Chest out!"; "Don't slouch!"; are some other things you heard as a child. Probably without knowing, she was enabling you to display confidence and establish a charisma presence. Your overall posture will make you feel and look confident, while keeping you at ease with your surroundings. As you encounter new situations, pay very particular attention to how you walk, sit, and stand. Even if you're not at ease, followrepparttar rules of posture your mother told you as you were growing up. That posture that tells other people that you are at ease, and they naturally will assume you are!

S-M-I-L-E A natural friendly smile is one of your most powerful "weapons" in your charisma arsenal and can work wonders if you use it atrepparttar 137133 right strategic intervals. A friendly smile can be an ice breaker, or it can easily remove resistance. And just generally, it surrounds you in an aura of high self-esteem and confidence.

You Are inrepparttar 137134 Drivers Seat! In every situation where you deal with anothers, you need to stay focused on tact and diplomacy. Remember to keep your charisma qualities high so that others will be drawn to you. As analyze situations you'll also know exactly when to speak and what to say when you speak, and how to present yourself inrepparttar 137135 most appealing way throughoutrepparttar 137136 interaction.

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