Every Truck Loverís Dream:

Written by VJ Gibson

Truck song of truck songs, "Holocaust Harryís Hotpipe". The tune ignoresrepparttar gas crunch and wallows isrepparttar 118192 notion of big powerful monsters beyond whateverrepparttar 118193 non-custom rigs can do.

"Well I used to drive those regular trucks

before I built this rig

Back inrepparttar 118194 days when I was broke

Before I made it big

When I sucked dust behind Volvos

And ate it behind vans

Men with Fords and GMCs and even panel vans

When 30,000 kilos was considered a big load

Back inrepparttar 118195 days when 18 wheelers

wererepparttar 118196 King Kongs ofrepparttar 118197 road

well thatís when I wonrepparttar 118198 Lotto, folks

and achieved my hearts desire,

and I built this big jet powered truck

and put her out for hire.

Spring Has Sprung

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Spring has sprung...like it or not... By Dan Reinhold

The monster snowfall that covered many parts of New England is almost gone for good, except for some pitiful remnants of once-mighty snowmountains. Withrepparttar 118191 melting snow comes, of course,repparttar 118192 frequent rains. Add a thawing ground surface and from that recipe comes...mud. Recently, my backyard has becomerepparttar 118193 rugby field from heaven - a little grass, a lotta mud.

Having two boys who love being outside, no matter whatrepparttar 118194 weather ("I don't care how much fun that tornado looks - it's time to eat!!")also means that some ofrepparttar 118195 gear used for proper snow frolicking is still required...at least according to Dad. As I was workingrepparttar 118196 other day, I had a barely contained, yet frantic interruption from my five year old. You know...sort of likerepparttar 118197 pee dance, as in "I really gotta!!!" He'd just finished his after-school snack (actually, it's his warmup for dinner) and came to politely but insistently request my help in getting ready to go outside and play.

First onrepparttar 118198 list was locatingrepparttar 118199 snow boots. By now, they were no longer snow boots, but rather mud-and-slime-and-anything-else-I-can-find boots. This little guy's 110% pure Boy.

The search finally turned uprepparttar 118200 desired items amid many impassioned cries of "We GOTTA find 'em, Dad!!!" Next was persuading him to sit still long enough to put them on. The energy contained in one excited five year old boy is more than enough to power New york City for one week. Trying to catch one is like trying to catch a ricocheting cannonball. At last I got him seated - he's anxious to go outside, I'm thinking about a nap already - I pick up one well-worn, tattered snow boot (new four months ago)and after several frenzied attempts to kick his foot forcibly into it, Nicholas is now wearing what's left of his snow boot.

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