Every Problem Is An Opportunity To Cash In On

Written by John Colanzi

There's a motivational speaker byrepparttar name of Charles "Tremendous" Jones. One of his quotes is "Every problem is an opportunity to cash in on."

Wellrepparttar 124081 last few weeks his theories have been put torepparttar 124082 test.

I've been doingrepparttar 124083 rounds with various Medical tests and specialists. I ordered a PC which ended up having a bad hard drive. I had to jump back and forth between PC's just to get anything done.


I was starting to wonder if old "Tremendous was right, or was it just wishful thinking?

Those demons of negative thinking were kicking in. How was I going to handle it?

My first reaction was to start "sucking my thumb," and have a "pity party." It sure would be a lot easier to "throw in repparttar 124084 towel," and blame fate.

That lasted a day or two and then I started thinking about taking advantage ofrepparttar 124085 extra time I had available.

I started studying. Maybe all these problems were what I needed? Sometimes we get so tied up working our businesses, we don't have time to learn and grow.

Charlie was right, this wasrepparttar 124086 best thing that could have happened. I was forced to step back, re- evaluate and move torepparttar 124087 next level.

So what have I learned during my little break?

1. I found a nice software program to make it easier to write my articles. I can write my articles and format them atrepparttar 124088 same time.

Dream the Impossible Dream

Written by Judi Singleton

We all have dreams and desires but if we do not know how to go about achieveing them they are nothing but pipedreams. But with a clear plan in mind one can turnrepparttar pipe dreams of today intorepparttar 124080 reality of tommorow. In life, we need reasons for what we do. Goals keep us from just reacting to what's going on around us. Goals can inspire and motivate. They help us make our life happen rather than letting it happen. Most of all, Goals produce results.

There are three main points to goal setting:

1. Clarifying your unique goal 2. Reinforcing your goal 3. Tracking, Measuring and assessing progress

In this article we will look at each one of these steps and access how they work. All around usrepparttar 124081 internet is changing. Because ofrepparttar 124082 so called recessison, everyone is starting to charge for what once was free forrepparttar 124083 taking. Every site had free stuff. Some still do, but, for example, I had a free list a Listbot and now they are charging. I was quite happy with my site and thought about staying with them even if they charged. However my small ezine is not in a financial postion to payrepparttar 124084 prices that Listbot will charge.

So what to do? Why are people charging for everything that was free? The media tells us that stocks for dot.com's are down. All around us dot.com's are failing. So if this little ezine was to survive I needed to get a really good map of where I was going.

Well, I am a person who dreamsrepparttar 124085 impossible dream -- always have and always will. I have been told since I was a child that I was a dreamer. Well I am, and as I said, will always be butrepparttar 124086 difference between my dreams and some others I talk to is that I accomplish them.

Believeing that I can accomplish anything I set out to do and I deserve success isrepparttar 124087 first step in accomplishing any goal. How did I get this belief in myself? Partly because to my parents I wasrepparttar 124088 "apple of their eye." They believed I could do anything including fulfill their unfulfilled dreams. I never did do that but I have fulfilled a lot of my own dreams. So with experience behind me I learned that if I stay focused, I can accomplishrepparttar 124089 impossible dream.

So why should a little recession or other dot.com's going down influence my little ezine? One thing I don't do is listen torepparttar 124090 media much even though as an ezine owner I am part of that media. I need to stay focused, and that is why I do not listen to negative input from people orrepparttar 124091 media; it just breeds fear and fear never accomplishes anything. So I go apart in my own little world and I dream my impossible dream. If I want to know where I am going I must have a clear picture of where I want to be inrepparttar 124092 next year, five years and beyond that. Life is for living and I intend to live fully until I die.

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