Evaluating Starting Hands In No-Limit Hold'em Tournaments

Written by Marc W.

There are three main factors that influence how you should play your hole cards in No-Limit Hold'em Tournaments. They are: your position,repparttar size of your chip stack, andrepparttar 148018 size ofrepparttar 148019 blinds. As a basic rule you need to avoid marginal hands that appear playable pre-flop but which can lead to huge losses in a single pot. The classic starting hands that fall into this category would be any Ax lower than AQ where both cards are unsuited, any Kx unsuited lower than KQ, and low suited connectors.

The tricky aspect of no-limit hold'em both in a tournament structure and in a regular cash game is that these hands can also lead torepparttar 148020 greatest rewards. They are extremely volatile, however, and much ofrepparttar 148021 skill of no-limit is knowing how to recognize when that starting hand is a liability and when it could potentially break an opponent. This requires a great feel forrepparttar 148022 game afterrepparttar 148023 flop. Naturally beginners lack this experience and nuanced understanding ofrepparttar 148024 game, and so it is far safer for a novice to limit himself to playing premium cards only beforerepparttar 148025 flop. The problem then becomes one of predictability - if you only raise with big pairs you are unlikely to get any action, and when you do get action you're in trouble becauserepparttar 148026 rest ofrepparttar 148027 table clearly knows what you're holding to begin with.

If you are one offrepparttar 148028 button or onrepparttar 148029 button you should loosen your restrictions and play more starting hands, including those marginal ones, provided no one else has enteredrepparttar 148030 pot showing obvious strength. To vary your play effectively you should also consider raising with these hands as a semi-bluff tactic, but no more than one in four times.

Keep most of your initial raises down to between 75% and 100% ofrepparttar 148031 pot. If you make it 3 timesrepparttar 148032 size ofrepparttar 148033 big blind to go that typically equals an 80% pot bet. This will protect you in case you get re-raised or called by stronger holdings. If there are limpers in front of you and you are going to raise then you need to make a significant bet, especially in no-limit where you have to make it punitive for other players if they intend to draw out. In that case you could raise as much as 6 timesrepparttar 148034 big blind.

Why You Need A Display Case

Written by Antigone Arthur

Why You Need A Display Case

Some people are underrepparttar impression you need to own a retail shop to have a display case. While commercial display cases (like commercial pet display cases) are popular, many people often have one in their home. Why? Most of us have valuables stashed away somewhere in our homes.

These may include coin collections, doll collections, antiques, rifles, knives, military paraphernalia and more. Unfortunately many of us also have a habit of piling these items in trunks, storage or boxes inrepparttar 147651 basement. Now, that isn't a very nice way to show off your collectibles is it? In fact, it isrepparttar 147652 perfect way to help them collect dust.

Collectibles and Cases

There are many reasons to have a display case in your home. The most important reason is to show off your collectibles. In fact,repparttar 147653 most common reason people own display cases in there home is to show off valuables and other collectibles. Fortunately there are hundreds of display cases you can choose from to display your favorite memorabilia.

Think you have to invest too much time and energy to do so? Think again! Setting up a display case is easy, and inexpensive when you know what to look for. The first thing you'll need to decide isrepparttar 147654 kind of display case you want. There are many to choose from. Many people opt for a specialty display case.

These include:

  • Die cast or car display cases
  • Flag display cases (military flag burial cases)
  • Football jersey display cases (and other sports memorabilia)
  • Jewelry display cases
  • Sword display cases (and knife cases)
  • Wooden display cases
  • Bakery display cases

You can even have a custom display case made if you own a valuable and unique item you want to display. Of course, you may not want to put allrepparttar 147655 collectibles you have at your home on display. Chances are however you have at least one family heirloom or prized possession you have considered showing off more than one time. This isrepparttar 147656 kind of item you need a display for.

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