Ethics In Marketing

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

I receivedrepparttar following question last week...

With all scams and unethical behaviour found online, what are some ofrepparttar 144127 most effective ways to generate trust as a marketer?

Annette Andkjaer Vacations For Fun And Profit I'll Teach You How To Travel, Save Money... And Make A Profit!

Good question Annette and thanks for firing it in ;o)

Ok, let's tackle this issue and give you some ideas on what you can do as business owners to show you are ethical.

I've said numerous times that people do business with people they; know, like and trust. The best way to gain that trust is to share what you know. People come online to get information, information that will help them make a more informed buying decision. Whether that information is about health and nutirition, pet care or, as in Annette's case, travel.

So what sort of information can you offer that will help build that trust?

Well, of course it depends uponrepparttar 144128 industry you are in. However, ummm if I were inrepparttar 144129 Health and Nutrition industry I would gather information aboutrepparttar 144130 products I was selling. For each product, I would write a little info piece about whatrepparttar 144131 product does,repparttar 144132 results I saw with usingrepparttar 144133 product myself, perhaps a couple of testimonials from others who are usingrepparttar 144134 very same product.

If I belonged to an affiliate program that sells leads, then again, I would write an info piece on what to look for when buying leads,repparttar 144135 importance of tracking,repparttar 144136 importance of a 2 step marketing plan, etc.

If my business was a mortgage consultant then I would again write and share my knowledge with respect to mortgages and things that people need to be aware of when mortgage shopping. I would offer an incentive - perhaps something alongrepparttar 144137 lines of shopping for a mortgage on their behalf.

In EVERY case it is information that will help your potential customer. That speaks volumes to them.

If you are a member of an affiliate program and if you are just sending people to your affiliate page, (and your prospects) are left torepparttar 144138 reading ofrepparttar 144139 ad copy that your program has written. Read these pages yourself and put yourself inrepparttar 144140 shoes of a prospect. How do you feel when you readrepparttar 144141 copy?

The copy written by your affiliate program is written to do one thing "SELL." There is nothing there to really build trust and rapport with your prospect. THAT'S WHY YOU NEED YOUR OWN SITE. Obviously I have written about this before and this is a subject of its own...but needless to say. If you want to show that YOU are ethical and someone to be trusted in, then do business right. Get a site of your own, a site where YOU OWN IT and therefore can add to it withrepparttar 144142 good quality information that people look for.

It makes doing buinsess easier for you.


Make yourself available to do business with. Withrepparttar 144143 new FTC Guidelines now andrepparttar 144144 fact that we have to include an address and phone number, that of course helps a little for us. But, what I am talking about is what happens after a person contacts you initially. Someone takesrepparttar 144145 time to email you, asking for more information should set off a few triggers for you:

1st - they are interested in doing business with you, possibly, because they tookrepparttar 144146 additional time to email you and ask more questions.

Email Marketing Systems to Help Boost Exposure and Profits...System #7 - The Silent Partners

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

The whole point of these eMail Systems is to set things up in such a way that they pretty much run themselves. This is a HUGE advantage because it will free you up to work on other things within your eBusiness AND it has your eMail Marketing churning away, all atrepparttar same time! Now, I ask cool is that??

There are two little tactics that are quite effective when it comes to eMail Marketing that not too many people use. I refer to them as my "silent partners." I use them on a consistent basis and I highly encourage you to as well ;o)

Ok, let's roll them out!

Download Pages...

I know, you must be thinking, download pages?? You betcha and why not? Every download you have, be it a paid and yes even a no cost download, must always have their own download page. I have seen so many people miss out on a marketing opportunity by not using a download page at all. All they have is a text link that will take them torepparttar 144126 .exe or .pdf and call it a day.

RULE OF THUMB...a no cost download must always be treated as if it were a cost one!!

A download page gives you yet another "kick atrepparttar 144127 cat" as they say (note...there were no cats harmed or injured in anyway duringrepparttar 144128 writing of this article and don't email me, I love cats!!). It is another opportunity to add to or build a list so use it to YOUR full marketing advantage!!

On your download page you have another chance to getrepparttar 144129 purchaser to take you up on your no cost newsletter offer. Or perhaps you have an eCourse that will tie in withrepparttar 144130 theme ofrepparttar 144131 product they just bought. Any chance you have to get them on a LIST via one of your other email marketing systems that you have set up so that you can follow up with them ... well don't just stand there...TAKE IT!!

"Read Me First" Text Files...

Ahhh, hardly anyone uses these. Ken Evoy does on a regular basis, as does Jimmy Brown and a few other top marketers, but, us regular "joe's" ... NOT!!

Every download should be a zip file and within that zip file should always be a little "Read Me First" note from YOU. (You can create these in notepad).

Within your "ReadMeFirst" note is a thank you forrepparttar 144132 purchase AND then you will tie in one of your other eMail Marketing Systems. It could be a eCourse, your newsletter, your eMarketing Kit...the options are up to you.

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